Managing Mental Maths

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ManagingMental Maths : 

ManagingMental Maths

Issues to consider : 

Issues to consider Time Organisation Scheme of work Assessment Record-keeping/Monitoring Activities Strategies Resources

Time : 

Time A few minutes at the start/end of class One or two longer sessions per week One dedicated Maths class An extra “Numeracy” class

Organisation : 

Organisation Whole-class Target group/groups Teacher led High pupil involvement

Scheme of work : 

Scheme of work Separate Mental Maths scheme of work Mental maths to fit in with current scheme

Assessment : 

Assessment Informal – from oral work Non-calculator exercises Formal tests Weekly Monthly Once a term Counting as part of “school exams”

Nature of assessment : 

Nature of assessment Mental calculations only Say/record answer only Questions oral but some recording of steps allowed Written tests Open-ended questions

Record-keeping/Monitoring : 

Record-keeping/Monitoring Test scores Core competences Individual profiles Class lists Year on year monitoring

Slide 9: 

Mental Maths Framework Mental Strategies Quick Recall Examples of Mental Calculations Understanding the Number System Approximation and Estimation

Activities : 

Activities Games Oral work/discussion of strategies Some written work/including pupil explanation

Strategies : 

Strategies Mental Maths File Counting on/back Reordering Inverse operations Partitioning Rounding and adjusting Factors Equivalence

Resources : 

Resources Mental Maths books Specific games Commercial e.g. 24 Game Teacher-produced Multi-purpose e.g. number cards Commercial stimulus but mainly oral work Flipbooks Target boards

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