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WELCOME BACK,CBH Faculty! By Mary Cramer, Script writer and Visual Effects DirectorRick Fisher, Sound Director

You stood apart from the crowd last year : 

You stood apart from the crowd last year Teaching ! Practice! Scholarship !!

CBH Research2009 - 2010 : 

CBH Research2009 - 2010 56% of submitted grants from CBH were funded 16 submitted 9 funded 9 faculty $1.9 million from CBH department $23k and $146k in other departments CBH Department… you rocked!!

CBH Scholarship2009 - 2010 : 

CBH Scholarship2009 - 2010 82% CBH doctoral faculty published 34 publications by 14 faculty CBH Department… you rocked!!

And we’re waiting on…. : 

2 HRSA equipment grants 2 RO1 grants HRSA nurse-managed health center grant Those yet to be written…! And we’re waiting on….

CBH Teaching2009 - 2010 : 

CBH Teaching2009 - 2010 10 faculty involved in developing new courses – UG and Grad New simulations and technology added to all CBH courses

CBH Practice 2009 - 2010 : 

CBH Practice 2009 - 2010 3 new consultant contracts 4 funded practices Aging in Place demonstration project for CON

Drum roll please…… : 

Drum roll please……

2009-2010 All-star Highlights : 

2009-2010 All-star Highlights Michele Balas RWJ INQRI funded Kathy Bickerstaff Ada M. Lindsey Professional Service Award Claudia Chaperon HRSA G-MAP funded Beth Culross RWJ Coordinator and new Doctoral Student Yeah, team

Highlights : 

Highlights Nancy Farris ISMs and 2nd Life for NRSG 420 Sharon Holyoke NP Conference poster Julie Houfek R21 funded Polly Hulme CTSA pilot grant Pam Jones CO-I on 3 grants Way to go!

Highlights : 

Highlights Kathy Kaiser R15 submitted Marge Kaiser 2 funded practice grants Deb Knop Awesome student teaching evals Marlene Lindeman Psych consultant for 313 and 314 & new web-based activities Therese Mathews 2 grants funded Yeah!

Highlights : 

Highlights Kathy Morris March of Dimes Distinguished Nurse of the Year award Carol Pullen Penne Z.Davis Research award Michael Rice UNMC Teacher of the Year award Wow!

Highlights : 

Highlights Ginger Rogers STT Geriatric Nurse Leadership Academy Fellow Linda Sather March of Dimes Class of 2009 Nursing Excellence award Karen Schumacher Donna Westmoreland Excellence in Faculty Mentoring award Mary Cramer RWJ PIN grant Great job!

All-time, all-star …. : 

All-time, all-star …. Lori Cooley Peoplesoft Consultant Northern Division Staff Mentor ADDC-S leader CBH cheerleader Our own smiley face gal! Resident chocolate purveyor

What…. : 

What…. Does the future hold in 2010 - 2011? New courses to teach ? New practice opportunities ? New funding opportunities ? Changes in our personal lives ?

What we know is…. : 

What we know is…. Change is a given “The pessimist complains about the wind, the optimist expects it to change, the realist adjusts the sails” -Wm Arthur Ward

This year, we’ll each have new aspirations : 

This year, we’ll each have new aspirations Practice Service Scholarship Research Teaching

To deal with change and reach our aspirations…. : 

To deal with change and reach our aspirations….

But…. : 


So, we’ll need teamwork……… : 

So, we’ll need teamwork………

It will take humor…. : 

It will take humor…. “Next week there can’t be any crisis – my schedule is already full.” – M. Twain “There ain’t much fun in medicine, but there’s a heck of a lot of medicine in fun!” - J. Billings ”If I had the opportunity to present a gift to the next generation it would be the ability for each individual to learn to laugh at himself.” - Charles Schultz “We don’t stop laughing because we grow old, we grow old because we quit laughing.” - Michael Pritchard

It will take caring for our team…. : 

It will take caring for our team…. Support Respectful communication Bringing joy to the workplace Pulling in the same direction Being a team!

Caring and joy at work beat going it alone…. : 

Caring and joy at work beat going it alone….

So let’s make it another great year! : 

So let’s make it another great year!

Go team! : 

Go team!

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