physician-patient relationship

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Physician-patient relationship : 

Physician-patient relationship

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Why people visit doctor? 1- Tolerance limit 2- Anxiety limit 3- Symptoms 4- Prevention 5- Administrative reasons

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Humaneness Competence Accuracy Honesty Openness Responsiveness Trust What qualities does the patient look for in a doctor?

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What is meant by physicion-patient relationship? It is central to the practice of medicine and one of the foundation of medical ethics.

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What is the importance of physician-patient relationship? 1- Confidence 2- Trust 3- Mutual respect 4- Knowledge 5- Shared values about diseases & life

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What are the merits of good physician-patient relationship? 1- Amount of information 2- Quality of information 3- Accuracy of diagnosis 4- Effective treatment 5- Compliance

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What are the factors affecting this relatiomship? 1- Age & sex 2- Physician superiority 3- Cost-benefit ratio 4- Formal or casual 5- Perspective & traditions 6- Mental state 7- Patient context

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What are the rules of physician-patient relationship?

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How to know that I made a good doctor-patient relationship? 1- Patient’s satisfaction 2- Continuity 3- Better health outcomes

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What are the situations which may interrupt this relationship? 1- Sensitive situations 2- Bad news 3- Speaking unavailability 4- Communication difficulties 5- Transcultural issues 6- Medical uncertainty 7- Pain in neck patient No trust Many problem No follow No control Depression Panic state

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Will the patient trust me if I'm a student? 1- Honesty 2- Introduction 3- Resident doctor

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What should physicion do? 1- Greeting 2- Active listening 3- Non- verbal messages 4- Patient’s emotional questions 5- Let the patient talk 6- Negotiate rather than order 7- Trust must be built 8- Never pass off your patient 9- Summarizing

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Let us watch this video together

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