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Five Steps of Team Based Project Planning Project Overview Work breakdown structure Activity assignments Action on the plan Closeout report

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Problems that arise with the context of larger project

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Problems that arise independent of projects

Problem Solving and decision Making : 

Problem Solving and decision Making

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What Is your best tool in Problem Solving? The mental or thought processes involved in problem solving The intelligence or ability to solve problems Problem solving is the process of overcoming difficulties or obstacles encountered in the attainment of a goal or objective What Is Problem Solving?

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“ Imagination is more important than knowledge” Albert Einstein

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“ Originality is simply a fresh pair of eyes” Woodrow-Wilson

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You don’t need a sledge- hammer if a flyswatter will do the job.

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Five Steps of Systematic Problem Solving

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Steps in Problem Solving 1. Describe the Problem 2. Gather Information 3. Determine the most important factors that contribute to the problem 4. Visualize what success looks like 5. Create action steps that will lead to success

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Advantages of Systematically Solving Problems ...Next - Making Decisions with Mac Brubaker

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