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TESCOEvery Little Helps : 

TESCOEvery Little Helps Ashwani ,Vibhor, Shitiz Komal, Minakshi, Ankit, Naren

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Tesco : 

Tesco Founded: Jack Cohen,1919(London) Location: UK First Product: Tesco Tea(1924)

Brief History : 

Brief History 1919: Started 1924:Tesco Tea Launched (Own Product -1st) 1929: 1st Store Launched in UK 1956: 1st Supermarket Opened 2000: Tesco.com Launched 2002: Tesco Goes International 2009: Tesco Enters Clothing Segment 2010: 1st zero carbon supermarket Launched

StrategyBroaden The Scope of Business : 

StrategyBroaden The Scope of Business Sustainable Long Term Growth. Fulfilling Customer Needs At Home Market Financial Services, on Food & Telecoms. Entering International Markets.

Objectives : 

Objectives To Grow the Core UK Business. To Develop Retailing Services. To Be A Successful International Retailer. To Be As strong as in Non Food Market as Food. To Put Community At Heart What They Do.

Core UK Business : 

Core UK Business Sustainable Profitable Growth

Club Card : 

Club Card 15 Million Members Customer Earning: £ 550M Through Vouchers

Retailing Services : 

Retailing Services Tesco Bank Tesco.com Telecom Dunnhumby

Success : 

Success Biggest Supermarket: UK Customer Base: 15 Million Global Branding: 53% Contribution in Global GDP Operating Profit : £3.5bn Group Sales: £62.5Bn value Chain Management

Failures : 

Failures Club card Scheme Pricing Strategy Supply Chain Management Tesco.com : User Unfriendly Tesco Broadband Services

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