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Stay informed Decisions can be challenging

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You’ve navigated their website You like the friendly salesman You hear the “right” things You are ready to sign the contract You have done your “research”

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Before signing, consider some questions

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Have you verified that your contractor has valid insurance? Expired Fake No Personal Liability Subs Not Covered Employees Not Covered A

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Tons of Falling Shingles Nails, Metal & Debris Employee Injury Property Damage Personal Injury Are you ready to assume personal liability?

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Will they provide you a lien waiver for material and labor costs? Did you know that you could be held liable for their material and labor costs? Promised: Lowest Price Cover Deductible Free Upgrades Lifetime Warranty Free Inspection Taking my money! What if they can’t pay their bills? “Best Contractor”

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Can you really balance “free” and “quality”? Free Quality Free Quality Full Liability Insurance Workman’s Comp Insurance Subcontractor Insurance High Quality Materials Experienced Labor Project Reliability True Warranty Industry Recognition Fair Market Price Free Upgrades Cover Deductible Free Inspection Lowest Price

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Why is quality vital to you and the Academy Roofing Family?

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What is the mission of the Academy Roofing Family? Homeowner Protection Isn’t that what matters?

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How will the Academy Family ensure your protection? Consumer Guide to Contractors Consumer Advocate Author of Roofer’s Covenant Lien Waiver Academy Warranty

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Have we helped you make the right decision?

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