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Slide 1: BeenThereBangladesh

Slide 2: 

Been There: Bangladesh can help you find good times

Slide 3: 

the most useful page you will ever join And it just might be

Slide 4: 

parties You can read about where to eat exhibitions holiday spots other helpful sites tour operators concerts

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The idea is to bring good times to you.

Slide 6: 

Wall where it’s all happening First, check out our

Slide 7: 

Featured Tab After that, check out the where we highlight one awesome entertainment provider each month

Slide 8: 

Discussions tab Then, look at the And join in!

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Your ideas could help other people in our growing community.

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If you like Been There: Bangladesh Suggest it your friends

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We want to help them find good times, too.

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And if you like something on our Wall, click Like and comment on it. And if you think it should be shared, click Share.

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By doing so, it will receive greater visibility on Facebook. Even more people will learn about it and maybe join Been There: Bangladesh

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more people = more ideas = more good times

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Welcome to the fun. BeenThereBangladesh

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