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A presentation on “Organizational study” at GOVT.TOOL ROOM & TRAINING CENTRE, Bengaluru. : 

A presentation on “Organizational study” at GOVT.TOOL ROOM & TRAINING CENTRE, Bengaluru. Under the guidance of Dr. Nirmala M. Sr. Lecturer MBA, PhD Presented By: VINAY DATH.M.S Reg No: 09TUCMA090

Introduction : 

Introduction The internship training is all about learning an organization. Its time where one can co-relate the theoretical aspects with the practical aspects. Every organization irrespective of its purpose , has production function where departments and personnel play a central role in achieving the objectives of the organization. GT&TC is one among those organizations ,who have really succeeded in production efficiency and gained benefits in all the departments.

Industry profile : 

Industry profile origin: The machine tool industry in India dates back to the second world war , due to non-availability of imported machine tools . This was followed by the start of industrialization in a series of five-year plans. The two initial phases of development of the Indian machine tools industry(1950) saw the production of general purpose machine tools. The 1960s marked the third phase of the machine tools industry The fourth phase began in the mid 1980s. The fifth and current phase began in the early nineties after the liberalization of Indian economy.

Company profile : 

Company profile GT&TC is globally acclaimed tool room and training centre , is a joint collaborative venture between Govt.of karnataka and DANINDA , Denmark and established in the year 1972. It is situated in a sprawling campus at Rajajinagar Industrial Estate ,Bangalore. It offers highly practice oriented quality-training activities related to design ,analysis and productionization aspects of tool , dies and moulds at various levels. GT&TC’s excellent of time bound project involving precision machining of components for aerospace , aeronautical and precision engineering industry. GT&TC is not only the company but it is also training institute which provides students different types long term training activities and short term activities

Objectives ,quality policy , vision & mission : 

Objectives ,quality policy , vision & mission Objectives: Providing opportunities of learning for all classes of the society. Encouraging trainees to exploit their innovation mind in planning the tools. Offering expertise and consultancy services related to tool engineering specifically to the growth of small and medium scale industries. Quality policy: They are committed to customers satisfaction in terms of quality ,cost , delivery schedule and services through technological excellence. They will strive for excellence through continuous improvement of technology , process and competence of our employees.

Contd.. : 

Contd.. Vision : To emerge as an international centre of excellence in training , production , R&D and consultancy services related to tooling & precision manufacturing technology-from concept to end product. Mission: To continuously improve the skills in training , develop innovative process to optimize productionization using latest facilities /methodologies ,trends , techniques to meet all stake holder needs and to be the leader.

Product profile : 

Product profile Product profile of GTTC and its services is given to different types of customers.

Functional departments : 

Functional departments The functional departments of GT&TC are: Marketing department Production department Finance department Human resource department

SWOT Analysis : 

SWOT Analysis

Findings,suggestions&conclusions : 

Findings,suggestions&conclusions Findings: Implementation of traditional methods of measuring the performance of employee. Quality awareness will be held on all the products . They have maintained good industrial relations. Computerization has reduced the cost in the form of reduction in the paper work. No adequate safety to workers . Suggestions: GTTC should try entering all parts of India for which it has potential. It is advised to implement TQM into its production & tally or other new software systems . GTTC should raise the funds from various sources for this smooth moving and to fulfill the targeted Organization goals .

Contd.. : 

Contd.. Conclusion: After the analysis of the above information, it is clear that the company is having sound financial status. And the brand image of the company plays a vital role in the market .Even after facing the competition, since the company is concentrating on the customer satisfaction. Company has good future, it should take measures to minimize the rejection rate and it improve the quality of products and to increase the profit.

Learning Experience : 

Learning Experience The organizational study GTTC has given me a clear picture of an organization. This organizational study has helped me a lot in gaining the practical knowledge about the various departments of the organization. This organizational study helped me a lot in recalling the theoretical concepts , which I learnt in my 1st year MBA .I also came across real problems faced by organization in technology , human resources etc, and the way in which the management tackled those problems .

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