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DLSU Disaster Risk Reduction Management and Action Framework 2010

DRRM Advocacy and Consciousness raising : 

DRRM Advocacy and Consciousness raising Process of providing information and raising of awareness on the concepts related to disaster risk reduction and management (DRRM) and the DRRM Law to internal and external DLSU stakeholders; and Networking and linkaging with DRRM practitioners and related institutions for information sharing.

Curriculum mainstreaming of DRRM : 

Curriculum mainstreaming of DRRM Working towards the incorporation of DRRM concepts within selected DLSU subjects with community service components or those using the service learning methods.

Formation of inter-disciplinary DLSU DRRM team : 

Formation of inter-disciplinary DLSU DRRM team Institutionalization of DRRM within the University by formation of appropriate local structures and mechanisms; Designation of point person(s) per academic and non academic units of DLSU as disaster coordinator; and Reconfiguration of the Lasalyano Kaakibat tuwing may Sakuna (LAKAS) from a purely response mechanism to risk reduction and management.

Disaster Resilient Communities : 

Disaster Resilient Communities Institutionalization of DRRM in selected COSCA community partners; and Ensure the capacity of the selected partner communities to respond and recover from disaster episodes.

CB DRRM approach : 

CB DRRM approach A community organizing approach emphasizing the formation of local structures to implement DRRM initiatives within a specific community; and Inculcating a culture of disaster risk reduction and management among the local community residents.

Institutionalized systems: comprehensive and all hazards : 

Institutionalized systems: comprehensive and all hazards A disaster risk reduction mechanism that is designed to respond to a variety of hazards and disaster episodes that the communities may be exposed to; A local DRRM mechanism that utilizes sound research and science; and A system that is institutionalized using local legal instruments such as ordinances and resolutions.

Integrated efforts of stakeholders : 

Integrated efforts of stakeholders A disaster risk reduction system that allocates responsibilities not only to the LGU but engages other internal and external stakeholders to take part in it; and Collaborative endeavor built on principled partnership.

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