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NCC 101 21st Century Pedagogy : 

NCC 101 21st Century Pedagogy Instructional Technology September 2010

Adjunct Orientation : 

Adjunct Orientation Center for Teaching & Learning March 2010 21st Century Skills

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Created by Gail Phillips Instructional Technology Thinking Pedagogy Pedagogical Content Knowledge  Shulman surmises: To teach all students according to today’s standards, teachers need to understand subject matter deeply and flexibly so they can help students create useful cognitive maps, relate one idea to another, and address misconceptions. Teachers need to see how ideas connect across fields and to everyday life. This kind of understanding provides a foundation for pedagogical content knowledge that enables teachers to make ideas accessible to others (Shulman, 1987).

Are You Ready? : 

Are You Ready? Created by Gail Phillips Instructional Technology 5

What we do: : 

What we do: Instructional Technology Research current instructional applications, and best practices of technology Train faculty in administrative technology (videoconferencing, event management system etc.) Provide consultative services Administer learning management systems (Blackboard ,Google Docs) Created by Gail Phillips Instructional Technology 6

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Created by Gail Phillips Manager Instructional Technology Enhances teaching and learning through innovative technology Integrates technology-enabled solutions in teaching: The Traditional Classroom through Center for Teaching and Learning Off Campus through Office of Online Learning The Instructional Technology Department

Training : 

Training BlackBoard The Blackboard Learning System enhances a teaching and learning environment by providing content management and sharing, online assessments, student tracking, assignment management, and virtual collaboration. An instructor can develop course sites without knowing any HTML code.   Eluminate Live Elluminate will help you transition from institution or instructor-centric learning to personalized, active learning. Meet the needs of mobile learners, facilitate formal and informal learning, provide mission-critical professional development, and create a culture of collaboration. NetOps Allows teacher to broadcast instructor screen to all classroom computers, monitor student screens, and supervise and control classroom activity. Created by Gail Phillips Instructional Technology 9

Training : 

Training Google Docs … is a free, Web-based word processor, spreadsheet, presentation, and form application offered by Google. Google Docs' sharing features enable you and your students to decide exactly who can access and edit documents. Google Docs helps promote group work and peer editing skills, and that it helps to fulfill the stated goal of The National Council of Teachers of English, which espouses writing as a process and encourages multiple revisions and peer editing. Teachers are using Google Docs both to publish announcements about upcoming assignments and to monitor student progress via an interactive process which allows you to give Created by Gail Phillips Instructional Technology 10

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"How to Learn in the 21st Century" from Sept. 2009 Educational Leadership (ASCD) Author: Rita Oates Submitted By: Rita Oates Date Added: Tuesday, 15 December 2009 21centuryedtech Location: Author: Michael Gorman Submitted By: Michael Gorman Date Added: Saturday, 29 August 2009 21st Century Communication Rubric Author: Dianna Kuhn, Principal, Rio Vista Elementary, Amphitheater School District, Tucson, AZ Submitted By: Partnership for 21st Century Skills Date Added: Friday, 09 October 2009 21st Century Information Fluency/Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy Author: Carl Heine Submitted By: Lyn Lambert Date Added: Sunday, 27 July 2008 21st Century Learning Skills and Technology Tools Content Standards and Objectives for WV Schools Author: West Virginia Department of Education Submitted By: Anonymous Date Added: Friday, 26 October 2007 BLOG: WebSite: Resources

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