Business Process Reengineering

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Business Process Reengineering : 

Business Process Reengineering


INTRODUCTION Its restructuring intervention Fundamental Rethinking and Radical redesign of business processes to improve performance. It addresses fundamental issues about what organizations do, and why they do in a particular manner. Reengineering is associated with interventions having to do with downsizing.

Application Stages : 

Application Stages Prepare the organization. Specify organization strategy and objectives. Fundamentally Rethink the way work gets done. (a) Identify and analyze core business processes. (b) Define performance objectives. (c) Design new processes Restructure the organizations around the new business processes.

Characterstics : 

Characterstics Work units change from functional departments to process teams. Jobs change from simple tasks to multidimensional work. People’s roles change from controlled to empowered. The focus of performance measures and compensation shifts from activities to results. Organisation structures change from hierarchical to flat. Managers to change from supervisors to coaches; executives change from scorekeepers to leaders.

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