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Contents Executive Summary Market Situation Market Summary SWOT analysis Marketing Stratergy Financials, Budgets, and Forecast Control

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EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Club Mahindra Adventure Travel provide adventure, sport/travel packages India's varied geographical and climatic conditions Specialize solely in adventure travel Health-conscious individuals, couples, and groups interested in adventure sports

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MARKET SITUATION Contribution of tourism in GDP in 2008-09 is 5.92%. GDP growth for travel and tourism is expected 0.2 per cent in 2009. In spite of recession revenue from tourism is expected to increase by 42% by 2017. CMAT will meet the Market’s Demand.

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MARKET SUMMARY main categories, business and leisure market is further separated into domestic and international travel primary leisure travel groups are: Adventure, Special-Interest, Honeymoons & Sightseeing Trips. High-Income Travelers. Budget-Conscious Travelers. Families, Students & Seniors.

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SWOT ANALYSIS Strengths STRONG BRAND IMAGE: Mahindra Group is one of the largest group in the country MANAGEMENT: network of valuable connections will contribute greatly EXPERIENCED STAFF: CMAT team is experienced in the travel business and in adventure sports POPULARITY OF ADVENTURE TRAVEL: In the last five years, these sports have started to go mainstream. LOCOMOTION: Mahindra has some of the best resorts in India

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SWOT ANALYSIS Cont. Weakness LIMITED PERSONNEL CMAT's staff is exceptional, they will be faced with long hours for little pay. FINANCING unforeseen expenditures or poor sales will threaten CMAT's cash position.

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SWOT ANALYSIS Cont. OPPRTUNITIES GROWTH MARKET: The national adventure travel market is growing 10% annually, and preliminary estimates suggest that the Woodville market exceeds that growth rate.  POTENTIAL TO ACHIEVE SALES FROM THE NATIONAL MARKET: As CMAT establishes itself and gains financial stability, it can begin to market its services nationally. CMAT plans to begin this effort via a World Wide Web campaign in the first year of operation and diversify its communications efforts in years two and three. POTENTIAL TO BECOME A PREMIER PROVIDER: CMAT has the management and staff to produce a top-quality service.  VERTICAL INTEGRCMATON: The potential to integrate services and add branches exists.

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SWOT ANALYSIS Cont. Threats INTERNET AND PRICE COMPETITION: When the airlines were deregulated, price competition increased. Further, the Internet has provided a sales medium for consolidators who compete on price and has also given consumers the ability to plan and arrange trips for themselves. Thus, the traditional agency faces greater competition.  LOCAL COMPETITION (EXISTING AND POTENTIAL): There are no agencies in the this area that specialize solely in adventure travel. Moreover, additional adventure travel specialists may follow CMAT's lead.  ECONOMIC DOWNTURN: The strong domestic economy has been good for the travel and tourism industry. Continued growth is anticipated. However, unforeseen or unanticipated economic recession would reduce disposable income and threaten CMAT's sales.

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Some Packages… Himalayas adventure (Trekking, water rafting) @ 20000/- Skiing Tour at Solang Valley, Rohtang Pass, Beas Nalah, Dhundi @ 11000/- Rafting Tour Venue Kullu – Jhiri @ 9900/- Paragliding Tour Venue - Solang Valley. @ 11500/- Camping Tour venue Manali. @ 9500/- Manali - Lamadugh Tour trek walk through deep forest @ 6800/- Ranthambore National Park @ 7000/-

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MARKETING STRATERGY goal of business is to create and keep customers provides adventure and freedom CMAT's customers spend 50 weeks of the year in an office. promote the benefits of adventure travel which include saving time and money, and confidence in the vacation's success.

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MARKETING STRATERGY Cont. Mission foremost provider of adventure travel to the people of the Metro cities of INDIA. CMAT seeks to connect adventure travel newcomers and veterans with service providers, adventure activities, and accommodations that fit the client's desires, budget, and skill level.

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MARKETING STRATERGY Cont. Marketing Objectives Achieve an annual growth rate of at least 10%. Promote adventure activities through strategic alliances with health clubs, local athletic organizations, and retailers. By the end of year three, achieve 15% of sales through the Internet. Become the market leader of adventure travel in INDIA.

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MARKETING STRATERGY Cont. Target Marketing CMAT will target the following groups: Couples and individual adventure travelers: This is the customer group that meets the demographic profile for adventure travelers -- ages 25-35 with household income greater than Rs 400000.  Group adventure travelers: These are groups that belong to local athletic organizations, such as cycling or Sports clubs. Corporate adventure travelers: CMAT will target local businesses in an attempt to secure corporate accounts.

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MARKETING STRATERGY Cont. STRATEGY 1: Develop brand recognition through the use of effective advertising, marketing communications and promotion. Tactic: Develop a marketing mix designed to target the Whole Country. Program: Print and electronic advertising campaign, using specialty publications and local radio as primary media. Program: Use strategic alliances to conduct promotions and giveaways. Tactic: Expand brand recognition to the national market through increased industry participation and WWW presence. Program: Utilize the networking benefits of industry associations, trade shows, and publications. Program: Develop and promote CMAT's website. The availability of information and the ability to schedule and purchase online will be beneficial to the customer and CMAT.

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MARKETING STRATERGY Cont. STRATEGY 2: Increase revenues and reduce costs by establishing repeat and corporate customers. Tactic: Customer satisfaction program. Program: Focus CMAT's efforts on customization of adventure travel and utilization of its core competencies. CMAT would rather recommend that a potential customer purchase elsewhere than provide a trip outside of its expertise. Program: Post purchase and post trip follow-up. Research indicates that the communication between the firm and the customer after the sale positively influences repeat purchase. Tactic: Corporate account acquisition. Program: The corporate sales program will depend upon specialized literature and personal promotion. Corporate accounts generate recurring revenue and will help diversify CMAT's sources of income. Program: Corporate giveaway promotion. Trips will be awarded as prizes and will be promoted via local radio.

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Campaign Milestone

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Financials, Budgets, and Forecasts Marketing Budget is from start-up investment and is equivalent to approximately 6% of anticipated first-year revenue. Following issues are relevant to CMAT's marketing efforts: As a start-up, CMAT has no baseline by which it can determine the effects of its marketing efforts on sales. Year two marketing activities will benefit from the financial results of year one operations. The marketing budget has been established based on anticipated revenues. CMAT plans to employ the use of more sophisticated budgeting methods as a baseline is established. Much of CMAT's marketing efforts will involve personal interaction with customers in the Woodville area. CMAT must attempt to conserve resources when possible, especially in the early stages of operation. Sweat equity in marketing and other activities will be critical to CMAT's success.

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Break-even Analysis CMAT's break-even analysis, including monthly sales break-even points, are located in the following table. Break-even calculations assume a 20% gross margin

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Break-even Analysis Cont.. ATI plans to improve its margin by year three or four. The improved margin will come as the result of economies of scale, strategic alliances, and ATI's position as a premier service provider. ATI will be able to raise prices without affecting demand. Fixed costs may increase slightly over the next two years.

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Sales Forecast ATI expects sales to be slow in the first, and possibly second quarter of operation. Sales growth is estimated at 10% annually through year three.

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Expense Forecast The marketing budget is between 5% to 6% of revenues. CMAT staff are salaried, so labor hours, other than those included in the directors salary, are not included in the budget.

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Controls CMAT's marketing efforts will be reviewed quarterly. Variance between sales goals for the first year of operations and revenues will be CMAT's only real source of comparison. CMAT will seek customer feedback on marketing efforts and may conduct surveys or focus groups to test ad effectiveness.

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Controls Contd.. Implementation Milestones CMAT’S grand opening event will take place in the first quarter. This will be a combined effort with a local rock gym, one of CMAT strategic alliances. The event will be hosted by a local radio station and will include a prize giveaway of an adventure travel package. CMAT will begin its corporate account marketing in the first quarter and hopes to secure at least one corporate account during that time. CMAT website should be operational by the middle of the second quarter of operation. The website will be capable of online transactions with secure site protections. CMAT banners will be placed at several World Wide Web locations. Tracking of ad exposure will begin in the first month of operation. CMAT has a designated 800 number that is only used in advertising.

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