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Hazardous Substances Management MAIN ISSUES : 

Hazardous Substances Management MAIN ISSUES Credible and Updated Database. Creation of Infrastructure for waste disposal and recycling. Weak Compliance.

Waste Inventorisation : 

Waste Inventorisation HAZ Waste: Generation: 6.2 million MT/year from 36,165 industries. 27 TSDFs in Operation and 08 under Construction. E-waste: Generation in 2005: 1.46 lac MT. Projected in 2012: 8.0 lac MT. 17 Registered Recyclers; with capacity of 66,000MTA.

Waste Inventorisation : 

Waste Inventorisation BMW: Generation: 409.12 MT/day from 95,273 HCFs. 177 Common BMW Management Facilities. 295.3 MT/day being treated. MSW: Generation: 0.57 million MT/day for 2008 (Basis- CPCB study, 2004-05 i.e. waste generation rate 500gm per capita). 39 Landfill Sites, 328 Waste Processing Plants.

Waste Inventorisation : 

Waste Inventorisation Data, based on estimates of CPCB’s Sample Surveys. Not regularly updated. CPCB with SPCBs need to evolve comprehensive Database for waste inventorisation. MoEF has developed a GIS based National Hazardous Waste Inventorisation System, needs to be updated by SPCBs. Similar exercise may be undertaken by CPCB with SPCBs for other wastes.

Slide 5: 

SPCBs which have made good use of the NHWIS Madhya Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Haryana, Maharashtra and Orissa.

Infrastructure for Waste Management : 

Infrastructure for Waste Management Large Gap between wastes generation and infrastructure available for Management. More Facilities needed for proper Recycling and Disposal of Wastes. SPCBs to submit proposals as per New Scheme for Financial Assistance.

New Scheme for setting up TSDFs : 

New Scheme for setting up TSDFs Central Subsidy up to 25%, subject to matching grant by State Government. For NE States, Central Subsidy up to 50%, subject to 25 % by the State Governments.

Ceiling of Central Subsidy : 

Ceiling of Central Subsidy Integrated Facility for Hazardous Wastes: Rs. 13.75 crores. SLF: Rs. 7.5 crores Integrated e- waste Recycling Facility: Rs.12.50 crores BMW Facility: One crore

Other Salient Features of New Scheme : 

Other Salient Features of New Scheme Land provided by the State Government to be considered as contribution. DPRs would be appraised by an independent empanelled agency. Agency will also do third party evaluation during implementation.

Regulatory Compliance : 

Regulatory Compliance SPCBs, the Prescribed Authority for granting CTE/CTO, Authorization and Registration. SPCBs to monitor compliance of environmental standards for landfill sites, leachates, incineration. SPCBs to monitor Units importing recyclable HW. SPCBs to report compliance status to CPCB.

Regulatory Compliance : 

Regulatory Compliance To prevent illegal transboundary movement of HW, effectively coordinate with Customs authorities. Enforce BMW Rules, take action against defaulting HCFs. Enforce Plastic Rules, take action against defaulting units to ensure manufacturing as per norms and recycling as per BIS specifications.



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