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Intrapersonal relationship : 

Intrapersonal relationship Jesiah Selvam


What YOU NEED TO KNOW? Self-concept Self-Awareness Intrapersonal Intelligence Intrapersonal Communication Self-image Self-Analysis

Why YOU should know? : 

Why YOU should know? Self-development We all accept that self development is an input to family development that leads to national development. But we don’t give much priority to self development as I see our development most of the time dependent. Western culture –they believe that self-development only leads to family development that leads to national development. They strongly admit that self-development leads to high degree of IQ. We are very proud that we have been advancing as far as technology is concerned, but our competitiveness is still questionable. Read an article about the fear of under-population in Europe and overpopulation in India. Pre-requisite for a better Inter-personal relationship Identifying and separating the toxic characters creating and enhancing supportive characters


SELF-CONCEPT Actual Self How you see yourself Teaching MBA Students to be very optimistic and positive given the situation that he or she needs to impress others. Whatever you see yourself may be true to you, but not necessarily the true to others. Any characteristic/attribute’ you think you are superior in may be an abstract or subjective. Change from time to time ; change from place to place and change from person to person. Example, if you think you are so beautiful, please see that it may be a truth to you and may be to some people. Dr. Gowthaman Ideal Self How you would like to see yourself If actual self is wrong, you may not know what is your ideal self. Social Self How you feel others see you. You start to feel social self under assumption or someone should come and tell about you. Whether it is positive or negative, go for self-testing. If it is positive, happy over it; if it is negative, see if there is truth in it, if it is so correct it. Ideal Social Self How you would like others see you Liquor shop, & Mr. Obama Expected Self How you expect you to see yourself at some specified future time. Extended Self The interrelationship between your self-image and your possessions.

Sample items of extended self : 

Sample items of extended self My(friend) holds a special place in my life My (personality) is central to my identity I feel emotionally attached to my (mother) I would be a different person without my (mustache) I trust my (colleagues)

Is “the self” alterable? : 

Is “the self” alterable? Become a different or improved self To modify their appearances (makeover) that helps alter people’s selves. Personal Vanity Associated with acting self-important, self-interested, or admiring one’s own appearance or achievements Physical Vanity and Achievement Vanity

Sample Items from a Vanity Scale : 

Sample Items from a Vanity Scale Physical-Concern Items (Ideal self) The way I look is extremely important to me I am very concerned with my appearance It is important that I always look good Physical-View Items (social self) People notice how attractive I am People are envious of my good looks My body is sexually appealing Achievement-Concern Items Professional achievements are an obsession with me Achieving greater success than my peers is important to me I want my achievements to be recognized by others Achievement-View Items My achievements are highly regarded by others I am a good example of professional success Others wish they were as successful as me


SELF-AWARENESS Be aware of yourself Be clear about Strengths Weaknesses Values Opinions Goals and Dreams Understand yourself Intra is a pre-requisite to inter

Self-awareness : 

Self-awareness Self-awareness leads to self intelligence How well you get along with yourself Body Mind Body and Mind function on opposite laws. Building mind is effortless; you can’t remember something through efforts. The memory comes when you relax. whereas to build body, you need to do a lot of efforts. You have to gym, aerobics, diet etc etc.


SELF-AWARENESS:INTRAPERSONAL COMMUNICATION & UNDERSTANDING Active internal involvement of the individual Becoming yourself a sender and a receiver. ENCODING-A PROCESS WITHIN Elimination of gap between intended message and message sent Thinking Practising PRAYER (My mother) CRYING (not with tears) Crying to show your displeasure or to exhibit your sorrow or sometime to vouch your disability (natural emotional disclosure). I call it as the strengh of human-being. But if you cry to get something done, it is nothing but your weakness. Women cry because they are emotionally strong. Day Dreaming Talking to oneself (My experience while researching) Writing diary Internal monologue (inner voice) Ms. Indira Gandhi (MISA IN 1971-political disorder)


SELF-IMAGE Self-schema How you form your self-image Learned about himself/herself From personal experiences Internalizing judgment of others Problems with Relationships? Could it be your Self Image? Wait until others accept your self-mage

How to foster the self-image : 

How to foster the self-image Take a self-image inventory Define personal goals and objectives Set realistic and measurable goals Confront thinking distortions Identify childhood labels Stop comparing yourself to others Develop your strengths Learn to love yourself Give positive affirmations Remember that you are unique Learn to laugh and smile Remember how far you have come


SELF-ANALYSIS Analysis about yourself to see Whether you are right to yourself Whether you are right to others Self analysis is easier than analysis of someone else. One set of defense (one’s own) Avoid incompleteness or falsification Review your results at regular intervals Step one: List out the activities you have done today Step two: Segregate b/n activities where you had confidence and skills to perform and activities where you had no confidence and skills perform Step three: Activities where you have failed and activities where you have succeeded. Step Four: Identify the owners of success and victims of failures Step Five: Enhance owners and minimize victims. Avoid sharing with others if it is too personal analysis

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