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NMTRC Join the Revolution

More Than Just a Tech Club : 

More Than Just a Tech Club Acquire needed professional and technical skills Compete in national and international competitions Interact with people across many different technological fields

Learn Needed Skills : 

Learn Needed Skills Learn to develop and implement programs Work in a professional team environment Create and publish actual project proposals and progress reports

Projects and Contests : 

Projects and Contests Develop robots to solve real-world problems Create game robots to enter into competitions Develop competitive robots for pseudo-real problem solutions

Interdisciplinary Interaction : 

Interdisciplinary Interaction Robotics is not just for EE and CS majors Learned skills are applicable to any field Writing project proposals and project progress reports Working in group environments Developing algorithms

Is NMTRC For Me? : 

Is NMTRC For Me? Teamwork Problem Solving Hardware / Software Development Competitions Cash Prizes Fun and Games

Still Considering? : 

Still Considering? Visit a club meeting Thursdays 7pm, Workman 196 Visit the club website Speak with a current member Contact Pick up a brochure

End : 

End NMTRC Thursdays, 7pm Workman 196

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