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About the Company & Gold Trade

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Over 50% of the global trade is made up of goods & services that are transacted via offshore financial centers

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Offshore companies and/or trusts provide you with enormous tax savings and asset protection in a legal manner if setup correctly

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They can also afford the ultimate beneficiary owner a certain degree of anonymity

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Best Genius Sdn. Bhd. is a licensed company providing Trust, Corporate & Financial services

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The principals of the company and their advisors have extensive knowledge in all of the disciplines of offshore services

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It is affiliated with and supported by a network of experts worldwide including US tax consultants, Corporate Attorney’s & CPA’s

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Malyasia Office: BEST GENIUS SDN. BHD., 14-1 Solaris Mount Kiara, JLN Solaris 3, OFF Jalan Duta Kiara, Mont’ Kiara, 50480, Kuala Lampur, Malaysia Tel: +603 620 40732 Fax: +603 620 40731

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The business is done under the name of Unipay2U International It has offices at: Philippines, India, Bangladesh (to be opened), UAE, and Thailand

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Unipay2U is where Gold Investors come to buy gold for storage in a professional bullion vault. The process is secure yet straightforward and prices are competitive

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How it works

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All Unipay2U users own guaranteed professional grade gold bullion in standard gold bar form

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It is stored Via Mat in a professionally recognized bullion storage facility in Switzerland, UK or USA

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Users are able to buy or sell directly with other Unipay2u users, via Unipay2U’s order board. The gold does not move. Only the ownership changes

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Anyone can participate. Private individuals can use the service to buy, own, store and later sell professional grade bullion all at competitive prices usually available only in the professional bullion markets

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Safer, Easier & Better Value

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Your Gold is kept in Zurich, London or New York in specialized bullion market approved vaults operated by Via Mat

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Via Mat International is specialized in the International valuables logistics business & offers a wide range of valuable services like: Global air, road & sea transportation of precious metal & currency notes, Warehousing of valuables, weighing of gold & silver bars etc.

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They are members of London Bullion Market Association & are accredited service provider to weigh gold & silver bars, British Security Industry Association member & ISO certified

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You pay low charges including insurance and you do not pay extra for fabrication & delivery

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You own your gold outright. Your gold is not held as a liability in a gold account and there is no intermediating trust. The gold you buy is your personal tangible property, stored economically in one of the safest places on the earth

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You set up the whole arrangement in an hour or two, without any of the time consuming procedures and hidden costs you may have experienced in trying to acquire gold

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Guaranteed gold bar quality

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The gold you buy on UniPay2U is of permanently guaranteed quality because it has always stayed within the recognized storage facilities of the bullion market

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It was originally assayed at a recognized bullion market gold refiner and at the established standard of purity for bullion (>99.5%)

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It was acquired from and delivered by formally recognized bullion market participants, and it stays in a formally recognized bullion vault

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Because of strict adherence to market procedures for handling bullion the bars retain their status as 'Good Delivery'

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This means that professional market buyers, who pay the best prices, will accept them, which they will not ordinarily do for bars with a private custody history

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So although owned by private customers UniPay2U bars retain their full resale value, and this simple solution eliminates one of the significant costs of private gold ownership

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Use your preferred currency

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UniPay2U operates a multi-currency system. You can simultaneously maintain balances in US Dollars, Euros and Pounds Sterling, and you can seek opportunities to trade gold using whichever currency is most advantageous to you at the time

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Taking delivery

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Only when you take delivery of gold does your gold holding isolate you from the risks of the global financial system

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At UniPay2U you take immediate delivery of gold at the point of trade. At that instant your gold becomes your outright property. You are not exposed to any credit risk

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But you do not take personal custody, and this is certainly the best course

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When you take bullion away from professional market vaults the bars lose resale value because professional buyers become wary of their integrity

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Outside the recognized bullion market infrastructure you cannot take personal custody of a bar or pass it on to a new owner with both parties enjoying absolute confidence that it has not been tampered with

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Although it is uncommon some bullion bars in private hands get 'drilled out'. With UniPay2U you are guaranteed that this has not happened

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The most common spot market delivery unit of gold bullion is at 400 troy ounces inconveniently large. At a $600 per ounce price one unit costs $240,000. Smaller delivery units cost a fabrication premium and further reduce resale value

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Minimum costs on gold shipments make them uneconomic below about $500,000

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Privately held gold is substantially more expensive to insure than vault held gold

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Contrary to much popular belief it is rarely the case that privately hoarded gold can be used effectively at its full bullion market value in times of crisis

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More effective by far is to sell foreign held gold and re-partite the proceeds as they become needed

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By storing within the UniPay2U service these problems are avoided, and the disadvantages of professional vaulting namely inaccessibility to private customers and high minimum costs are avoided too

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Is there Risk involved?

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There is risk involved when you make purchases in all investment programs. However, there are a few simple ways that can help you to reduce the risk of losing more than you can afford

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Align your purchases with your financial goals; in other words, keep the money you need for the short-term out of more aggressive programs

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Why Purchase Gold with the UniPay2U Plan?

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High rebate up to 150% in 6 months & up to 230% in 10 months (Bonanza)

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UniPay2U Plan is 100% backed at all times by gold in allocated storage

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Provide purchasers with a convenient and economical method of increasing their equity

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Purchasers will pay no brokerage or commission fees or service charges in acquiring Units

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Purchasers cash-in on interest returns every 30 days from the date of purchase

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Business Plan

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Open a Unipay2U Trading Account (USD 50, USD 90, USD 200, USD 400) Determine the amount of Gold you wish to purchase from 10 gm to 600 gm depending upon the type of your Trading Account

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Trading Account

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Open a trading account with security code Purchase security codes from authorized agents

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Security Code for USD 50 i.e. Rs. 2,500 (30 BV) Security Code for USD 90 i.e. Rs. 4,500 (60 BV) Security Code for USD 200 i.e. Rs. 10,000 (120 BV) Security Code for USD 400 i.e. Rs. 20,000 (240 BV)

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Upon successful registration the following benefits shall be available: (1) Membership Card (Trader Identification Card) This shall be sent on request after complete details are provided in “Edit Profile”

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(2) Axis Bank Debit Card Details to be provided in the Members Section; in case Bank Account details (core banking) provided, no need to apply for Axis Bank Debit Card facility

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(3) Complementary Travel Package to Malaysia (4D + 3N) (terms & conditions apply) Total cost of package: USD 700 (Pre-book this package with USD 50, 90, 200 or 400 when Trading Account is opened)

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You can qualify for this tour by: Topping up or transferring the travel fees from your wallet to the equivalent of USD 610 (b) Accumulate 100 sets in your network within 90 days from the date of your joining Confirmatory email shall be sent on qualification. If not availed within time frame, the tour shall lapse

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(4) Discount Voucher (terms & conditions apply) for products consisting of CSL Mobile sets (for USD 50, 90, 200, 400) (5) Online Packages (Can be downloaded from Member Area)

Slide 66: 

Non-Retention Plan (Investment) 1 gm Gold = USD 30 (Rs. 1500) Each Trading Account holds a maximum of 150 gm of Gold

Slide 67: 

The Non-Retention Plan is for 6 months. Presently there is a Bonanza Offer running for 10 months till 31.12.2009

Slide 68: 

Trading Account of USD 50 (Rs. 2,500) can hold a maximum of 75 gm of Gold (Investment of Rs. 1,12,500) from date of investment till end of 10 months

Slide 69: 

Trading Account of USD 90 Rs. 4,500) can hold a maximum of 150 gm of Gold (Investment of Rs. 2,25,000) from date of investment till end of 10 months

Slide 70: 

Trading Account of USD 200 Rs. 10,000) can hold a maximum of 300 gm of Gold (Investment of Rs. 4,50,000) from date of investment till end of 10 months However, each investment should be not more than 150 gm (Rs. 2,25,000)

Slide 71: 

Trading Account of USD 400 (Rs. 20,000) can hold a maximum of 600 gm of Gold (Investment of Rs. 9,00,000) from date of investment till end of 10 months However, each investment should be not more than 150 gm (Rs. 2,25,000)

Slide 72: 

The Non-Retention plan FOR 10 MONTHS (BONANZA OFFER TILL 31.12.2009) allows you to earn a rebate of 20 to 23% monthly giving you a total return of 200% to 230%

Slide 73: 

Grams Month 1 to 10 10 – 65 20% each month (Total 200%) 66 – 100 21.5% each month (Total 215%) 101 – 150 23% each month (Total 230%)

Slide 74: 

For 10 gm – 65 gm: Your Investment of Rs. 15,000 (10 gm) to Rs. 97,500 (65gm) shall become Rs. 30,000 to Rs. 1,95,000 in 10 months

Slide 75: 

For 66 gm to 100 gm: Your Investment of Rs. 99,000 (66 gm) to Rs. 1,50,000 (100 gm) shall become Rs. 2,12,850 to Rs. 3,22,500 in10 months

Slide 76: 

For 101 gm to 150 gm: Your Investment of Rs. 1,51,500 (101 gm) to Rs. 2,25,000 (150 gm) shall become Rs. 3,48,450 to Rs. 5,17,500 in 10 months

Slide 77: 

A Non-Retention (Investment) Invoice shall be instantly available at Members Section of Unipay2U giving details of your Investment made (Gold weight, Description, Amount, Number etc.)

Slide 78: 

How You Earn Through Unipay2U 1 gm Gold = USD 30 (Rs. 1500) Daily Closing at 12.00 midnight

Slide 79: 

Trading A/C USD 50(Rs. 2500)-30 BV A maximum of 75 gm (Rs. 1,12,500) of Non-Retention Gold can be active all the time Introducer Spot Rebate USD 8 (Rs. 400) Daily Ceiling Sets (2:2) = 5 Power Group Carry Forward

Slide 80: 

The minimum DAILY binary income: 120 BV:120 BV = USD 30 (Rs. 1500) The maximum DAILY binary income: 600 BV:600 BV = USD 150 (Rs. 7,500) Maximum MONTHLY Earnings Rs. 2,25,000

Slide 81: 

Trading A/C USD 90(Rs.4500)–60 BV A maximum of 150 gm (Rs. 2,25,000) of Non-Retention Gold can be active all the time Introducer Spot Rebate USD 15 (Rs. 750) Daily Ceiling Sets (2:2) = 10 Power Group Carry Forward

Slide 82: 

The minimum DAILY binary income: 120 BV:120 BV = USD 30 (Rs. 1500) The maximum DAILY binary income: 1200 BV:1200 BV = USD 300 (Rs. 15,000) Maximum Monthly Earnings in Rs. 4,50,000

Slide 83: 

Trad. A/C USD 200(Rs.10000)–120 BV A maximum of 300 gm (Rs. 4,50,000) of Non-Retention Gold can be active all the time Introducer Spot Rebate USD 30 (Rs. 1500) Daily Ceiling Sets (2:2) = 20 Power Group Carry Forward

Slide 84: 

The minimum DAILY binary income: 120 BV:120 BV = USD 30 (Rs. 1500) The maximum DAILY binary income: 2400 BV:2400 BV = USD 600 (Rs. 30,000) Maximum Monthly Earnings in Rs. 9,00,000

Slide 85: 

Trad. A/C USD 400(Rs.20000)–240 BV A maximum of 600 gm (Rs. 9,00,000) of Non-Retention Gold can be active all the time Introducer Spot Rebate USD 60 (Rs. 3000) Daily Ceiling Sets (2:2) = 40 Power Group Carry Forward

Slide 86: 

The minimum DAILY binary income: 120 BV:120 BV = USD 30 (Rs. 1500) The maximum DAILY binary income: 4800 BV:4800 BV = USD 1200 (Rs. 60,000) Maximum Monthly Earnings in Rs. 18,00,000

Slide 87: 

Introducer’s Income When an investment is made through a Trading Account, the sponsor (introducer) gets a 10% SPOT rebate (Real Time) of the amount of investment made

Slide 88: 

Binary Income on Investments (Non Retention Plan) DAILY closing at 12 midnight

Slide 89: 

For Trading Account USD 50 USD 600 : USD 600 = 10% = USD 60 = Rs. 3,000 USD 1000 : USD 1000 = 10% = USD 100 = Rs. 5,000 USD 3000 : USD 3000 = 10% = USD 300 = Rs. 15,000 USD 10000: USD 10000= 10% = USD 1000 = Rs. 50,000 USD 15000: USD 15000= 10% = USD 1500 = Rs. 75,000

Slide 90: 

Maximum earnings per MONTH from Binary Income on Non-Retention Plan for Trading Account of USD 50 (Rs. 2,500) = Rs. 22,50,000

Slide 91: 

For Trading Accounts of USD 90, USD 200 & USD 400 USD 600 : USD 600 = 10% = USD 60 = Rs. 3,000 USD 1000 : USD 1000 = 10% = USD 100 = Rs. 5,000 USD 3000 : USD 3000 = 10% = USD 300 = Rs. 15,000 USD 10000: USD 10000= 10% = USD 1000 = Rs. 50,000 USD 15000: USD 15000= 10% = USD 1500 = Rs. 75,000 USD 30000: USD 30000= 10% = USD 3000 = Rs. 1,50,000

Slide 92: 

Maximum earnings per MONTH from Binary Income on Non-Retention Plan for Trading Account of USD 90, USD 200 & USD 400 (Rs. 4,500, Rs. 10,000 & Rs. 20,000) = Rs. 45,00,000

Slide 93: 

Investments & Returns (Sample Illustration)

Slide 94: 

Open 3 Trading Accounts of USD 90 (Rs. 4,500) – Tripod Purchase 101 gm Gold (Rs. 1,51,500) in each of the bottom 2 Trading Accounts Investment: Rs. 4,500 x 3 = Rs. 13,500 (for Trading Accounts) + Rs. 1,51,500 x 2 = Rs. 3,03,000 Total Investment made: Rs. 3,16,500

Slide 95: 

Return on Investment: Introducer’s Spot Income in the Top ID = Rs. 750 x 2 = Rs. 1,500 (credited Real Time) Introducer’s Spot Income in the Top ID @ 10% of Investment (Rs. 1,51,500) = Rs. 15,150 x 2 = Rs. 30,300 (credited Real Time) Binary Matching Income in the top ID (Rs. 1,51,500 = USD 3030) = USD 3000 : USD 3000 = 10% = USD 300 = Rs. 15,000 (credited next day) Return within 24 hours = Rs. 46,800 Invested Amount Remaining with the Company = Rs. 3,16,500 – Rs. 46,800 = Rs. 2,69,700

Slide 96: 

Investment in one Trading Account = Rs. 1,51,500 = 101 gm Gold Non-Retention Rebate for 10 months (Bonanza) for 101 gm to 150 gm Gold = 23% each month Monthly Rebate on each ID = Rs. 34,845. Total Monthly Rebate on both the investing bottom IDs = Rs. 69,690 Return in 4 months = Rs. 2,78,760 So, the TOTAL INVESTMENT is returned back within 4 months

Slide 97: 

Summary: Investment: Rs. 13,500 (Trading Account) + Rs. 1,51,500 (Investment)+ Rs. 1,51,500 (Investment) = Rs. 3,16,500 Return: Rs. 1,500 (Introducer’s Spot on Trading Account) + Rs. 30,300 (Introducer’s Spot on Investment) + Rs. 15,000 (Matching Binary on Investment) + Rs. 6,96,900 (Rebate on Investment for 10 months) = Rs. 7,43,700 Net Profit in 10 months: Rs. 4,27,200

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Disbursement of Payouts

Slide 99: 

Sponsoring Rebate is calculated real-time Leadership Rebate is calculated daily Withdrawal from account balance is any time Minimum withdrawal is USD 100

Slide 100: 

Withdrawal amount will be credited to member’s debit card or Bank Account on every Wednesday (if Wednesday is a holiday, then next working day) Withdrawals received before each Sunday will be processed and delivered on Wednesday Withdrawal received after Sunday (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday) will be processed on next Wednesday

Slide 101: 

Account Balance (E-Wallet) & Capital Wallet (C-Wallet) Transaction Flow

Slide 102: 

List of Income deposited into E-Wallet (Account Balance) Non-Retention Rebate Non-Retention Bonanza Rebate Membership Sponsorship Rebate Membership Binary Rebate Non-Retention Sponsoring Non-Retention Bonanza Sponsoring Non-Retention Binary Non-Retention Bonanza Binary

Slide 103: 

Account Balance (E-Wallet) Facilities Can Buy Non-Retention, Non-Retention Bonanza Plan Can purchase Security Code Can receive amount from C-Wallet (but cannot transfer to C-Wallet)

Slide 104: 

Account Balance (E-Wallet) Withdrawal TDS – 11.33% + Service Charges – 3.67% = Total 15% shall be deducted from Account Balance Withdrawal All Percentages shall be deducted from Return of Investment / Rebate earned & not from Principal Amount

Slide 105: 

Income deposited into C-Wallet (Capital Wallet) 10% of Non-Retention & Non-Retention Bonanza shall be credited into C-Wallet. Remaining percentage shall be credited into Account Balance

Slide 106: 

Capital Wallet (C-Walet) Facilities Can transfer amount to Account Balance, but cannot receive Withdrawal 3.7% Service Charges shall be deducted from C-Wallet withdrawal All Percentages shall be deducted from Return of Investment / Rebate earned & not from Principal Amount

Slide 107: 

Managing Your Own Personal Site

Slide 108: 

Managing Your Password The password should not be revealed to anybody as this is the key to your Golden Gateway. Remember to change it often. Use a strong password with a combination of Upper & Lower case Letters, Special Characters & Numbers. Visit site for details

Slide 109: 

Edit Profile Update all fields immediately. The Member ID, Sponsor ID, Name (Display Name), Country, Mobile No., E-mail ID, Bank Account Holder Name CANNOT be changed Contact Support for any changes

Slide 110: 

India Office Address: UNIPAY 2U MARKETING PRIVATE LIMITED, Palace Heights Apartments, 19 Palace Cross Road, Vasanth Nagar, Bangalore – 500020 Ph: 080-32487435, 41327729, Fax: 080-41327728 Branch Offices at: Guwahati & New Delhi

Slide 111: 

Bank Account Details: Account Name: UNIPAY 2U MARKETING PRIVATE LIMITED PAN Card No: AABCU0844L

Slide 112: 

ICICI Bank Account No: 625305016473 Branch: Kumarpark, Bangalore (for Cash Deposit) ICICI Bank Account No: 004705008305 Branch: Koramangala, Bangalore (for Cheque Deposit) AXIS Bank Account No: 693010200002530 Branch: Majestic, Bangalore (for Cash & Cheque Deposit) State Bank of India Account No: 30900336230 Branch: Jaya Mahal, Bangalore (for Cash & Cheque Deposit) HSBC Bank Account No: 072-713027-001 Branch: Bangalore (for Cash & Cheque Deposit)

Slide 113: 

Unipay2U Daily Maintenance The personal site shall be locked between 9.15 am to 10.30 am (Indian Time) for daily maintenance. Kindly log out at this time

Slide 114: 

Support Email of Unipay2U

THINK … : 

THINK … Are you truly successful and happy in what you are doing now? Does your current Job/Biz/Profession assure security for your family even if you are incapable of working?

Slide 116: 

Where Would You Like to be in Five Years... More Time with Family Travel Every Year Drive Your Dream Car Dream House Freedom Prepared for Retirement Financial Stability

Slide 117: 


Slide 118: 

An elderly carpenter was ready to retire, and he told his boss of his plans to leave and live a more leisurely life with his wife. He would miss the paycheck, but he needed to retire. They could get by.

Slide 119: 

The contractor was sorry to see such a good worker go, and he asked the carpenter to build just one more house as a personal favor. The carpenter said yes, but in time it was easy to see that his heart was not in his work. He resorted to shoddy workmanship and used inferior materials. It was an unfortunate way to end a dedicated career.

Slide 120: 

When the carpenter finished his work, the employer came to inspect the house. He handed the front-door key to the carpenter. “This is your house,” he said. “It is my gift to you.” The carpenter was shocked! What a shame! If he had only known he was building his own house, he would have done it all so differently.

Slide 121: 

If we could do it over, we’d do it much differently. But we cannot go back… So it is with us. We build our lives, a day at a time, often putting less than our best into the building. Then with a shock we realize we have to live in the house we have built.

Slide 122: 

You are the carpenter of your life. Each day you hammer a nail, place a board, or erect a wall. Your attitudes and the choices you make today build your “house” for tomorrow… Build Wisely!

Slide 123: 

Build Your Dream With Unipay2U Come, Join Us With Your Friends & Associates

Slide 124: 

Thank You

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