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Business Matchmaking Program 2010 Tracy Watcham Outsmart Marketing

Introduction : 

Introduction Thank you for the opportunity to run our program The conference and exhibition was incredibly well run and professional. With 561 meeting request sent and 276 confirmed meetings over 2 days – delegates saw value in the pre-show meeting scheduling as well as interest in meeting each other We had 552 logins to the online matchmaking program with 84% of delegates scheduling their own meetings online. Only 26% of delegates required our assistance to schedule their meetings We sent 2350 emails sent from matchmaking system to delegates – usernames, regular meeting requests and updates on diaries were sent SMS and email meeting reminders were sent on the morning of all meetings to ensure higher show rates

Profiles within the matchmaking program = 462 : 

Profiles within the matchmaking program = 462 Working together with Omega’s team, we received all confirmed delegate information, researched and profiled all confirmed exhibitors, delegates, speakers, sponsors and VIPs. Once profiled, each participant received a unique username to access the online matchmaking program to schedule meetings, edit their profile & timeslots as well as track their meetings in their diary 90% of the profiles were delegates

Slide 4: 

Number of profiles by sector The majority of the profiles were general business services followed by government and tourism Manufacturing, Financial and HR services were similar in numbers

Meetings within the matchmaking program = 568 : 

Meetings within the matchmaking program = 568 The majority of meetings were pre-scheduled before the show. We scheduled an additional 66 meetings onsite – 502 meetings were scheduled before hand, 73% of the requests were actioned – accepted/declined or cancelled. 27% remained in pending status – we could not get hold of the delegate and did not see them onsite to action the meetings 54% of meeting requests were confirmed and actually took place at the matchmaking lounge – meeting tables and meeting points over the 2 show days

Slide 6: 

The majority of the meetings were sent by delegates – 77% This highlights the massive requirement for networking at conferences and the importance of a organised meeting venue at the event – meeting tables etc

Slide 7: 

Tourism, financial, & marketing companies requested the most meetings at the event Followed by general business, government, energy, construction and engineering companies

Slide 10: 

The majority of the meeting requests were inviting other delegates. Between this slide and slide 6, the majority of the meetings were between delegates

Slide 11: 

Government received by far the most number of meeting requests Automotive, financial and agriculture followed with the next largest number of requests

Slide 13: 

All exhibitor meetings (organised or invited) were defaulted to the exhibition stands Only delegate & delegate meetings were scheduled on the meeting tables We ran out of meeting timeslots on the tables, so we defaulted to the matchmaking counter and provided meeting points so delegates could identify their meetings and be introduced We suggest many more tables for 2011 so each meeting can have a meeting location to meet

Improvements : 

Improvements We need more tables in the matchmaking area - 8 was not enough. We suggest that we have at least 12 tables as well as meeting points to avoid congestion at the business matchmaking counter We need to be able to flag delegate badges that have meetings. This is ussually done at registration if badges are pre-printed and flagged with a sticker. As the delegate collects his badge, he is informed that he has pending meetings. The matchmaking team is at registration for quick access to check meetings. This is an important onsite activity as some delegates are impossible to contact pre-show The Business Matchmaking lounge needs to be very visible within the exhibition - ideally right outside where the conferences take place. Delegates did find it a little difficult to find us on the first day. Thank you for the opportunity and we look forward to assisting with the 3 month and 6 month survey, Included with this report Final complete profiles report Final meetings report Final user tracking report

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