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Jack Prelutsky : 

Jack Prelutsky By: Connor Strickland

Intro : 

Intro Born on Sept. 8, 1940 in Brooklyn, New York. He is still alive. Has had a couple of dogs, and several cats.

Why I chose him : 

Why I chose him I chose him because I have read some of his poems and I like them, so when I found out I could choose my poet, he’s the one that came to mind.

Childhood : 

Childhood He grew up in a six story apartment where everybody knew everybody else. He had many favorite books, one of them being, “The Wind in the Willows” by Kenneth Grahame. He disliked poetry.

Adolescence : 

Adolescence In junior high, Prelutsky was actually beat up because he published a poem in the school yearbook. During his early 20's, Jack Prelutsky lived in New York City's Greenwich Village. He played folk music in coffee shops, pursued artistic interests, and pieced together a living with odd jobs. At the age of 23, Prelutsky submitted a series of drawings and poems to a publishing house. A young editor named Susan Hirschman, didn't like his drawings, but she recognized that he had talent as a poet. Hirschman mentored Prelutsky and published his very first book.

Adulthood : 

Adulthood Discovered writing as a career when he was about 24. He drew illustrations and wrote poems for each one. He took the poems to an editor, and was surprised when she said he had a talent for writing verse, and she is still his editor today. He has been married since 1979.

Positive Contributions : 

Positive Contributions Bringing joy to children and helping t hem gain a love of reading and poetry.

Interesting Fact : 

Interesting Fact I think the most interesting fact is that while he was in grade school, he couldn’t stand poetry.

I Made My Dog a Valentine : 

I Made My Dog a Valentine I made my dog a valentine, She sniffed it very hard, then chewed on it a little and left it in the yard I made one for my parakeets, a pretty paper heart, they pulled it with their claws and beaks until it ripped apart . I made one for my turtle, all he did was get it wet, I wonder if my valentine is wasted on a pet.

Cinquain : 

Cinquain Jack Creative, imaginative Writing, creating, inspiring Happy, sad, calm, relaxed Poet

Bibliography : 

Bibliography http://teacher.scholastic.com/writewit/poetry/jack_meet.htm http://jackprelutsky.com/

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