The Birth of Stars


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The Birth of Stars : 

The Birth of Stars The Formation and Structure

Interstellar Medium : 

Interstellar Medium The space between the stars is filled with low-density gas and dust called INTERSTELLAR MEDIUM. 75% of the gas is hydrogen and 25% is helium. Interstellar dust makes up 1% of the interstellar medium A nebula is a cloud of interstellar dust and gas within space.

The Formation of Protostars : 

The Formation of Protostars Protostars are very dense regions of molecular clouds where stars are in the process of forming. These are formed from the initial collapse of the gas when it forms a dense core of gas.

Fusion in Stars : 

Fusion in Stars Nuclear fusion is an atomic reaction that fuels stars. In fusion, many nuclei (the centers of atoms) combine together to make a larger one (which is a different element). The result of this process is the release of a lot of energy Stars are powered by nuclear fusion in their cores, mostly converting hydrogen into helium.

Main Sequence Stars : 

Main Sequence Stars Main sequence stars are a continuous band of stars that are shown in this H-R diagram. These stars are at a point in their stellar evolution where they're converting hydrogen into helium in their cores and releasing a tremendous amount of energy.

Slide 6: 

The Process Stars are born from the gas and dust of the interstellar medium. Large, dense, cool clouds of gas are called molecular clouds. These are sites of star formation. Molecular clouds collapses from a shock wave, which compresses and fragments the gas cloud, forming protostars. The force of gravity slowly pulls particles inside closer together, which causes heat, which in turn causes FUSION. As the protostars grow hot enough and begin fusion, they settle into the main sequence of stars, thus being born.

Stellar Evolution : 

Stellar Evolution

Activity : 

Activity Now we will be doing an activity to better understand the basic concept of fusion using marshmallows. Materials: Marshmallows Uncooked salad pasta A Periodic Table of the Elements See the attached worksheet for more details.

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