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What is the car of your dreams ? : 

What is the car of your dreams ? Hiten@HitenRaja.Com

Slide 2: 

You like the AUDI TT ?

Slide 3: 

Surely not Ferrari, a car to show off with !

Slide 4: 

A powerful Hummer H2 ? In reality it is not so powerful !!!

Slide 5: 

Lamborgini Diablo…the fastest car in the world, it can do more than 200mph

Slide 6: 

German cars ? It is said that they are the safest in the world…for example the Mercedes SLK..

Slide 7: 

Or better still a Mercedes CLK ?

Slide 8: 

The Japanese claim the most advanced technology in the world. A car from Honda must therefore be safe….

Slide 9: 

Jeep, Grand Cherokee Nissan…..

Slide 10: 

Opel Astra….. or Ford…..

Its not the car that is safe. : 

Its not the car that is safe. Its the DRIVER. Make sure u r a safe driver.Coz we Share the road with many other People.

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