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OBJECTIVES OF HRM Introduction Objective are pre-determined goals to which individual or group activity in an organization is directed. Objectives of HRM are influenced by the organizational objectives and individual & social goals.

Objectives are as follows:- : 

Objectives are as follows:- Create & utilize an able & motivated work force Establish & maintain sound organizational structure Create facilities Attain an effective utilization Identify & satisfy individual & group needs

Continued……… : 

Continued……… Maintain high employee morale Training & development Opportunity for expression Provide fair, acceptable and efficint leadership Facilities and conditions


HR POLICIES Introduction HR Policies refers to set of proposals and actions that act as a reference for managers while dealing with their employees.

Types of personnel policies : 

Types of personnel policies Originated policies Appealed policies Imposed policies General policies Specific policies Written or implied policies

Example:HRM Policy in Indian Railways : 

Example:HRM Policy in Indian Railways One of the personnel objectives of Indian Railways is to provide equal employment opportunities to the people of minority sections.

Need for HRM policies : 

Need for HRM policies Minimize favoritism & discrimination Create & develop employee enthusiasm and loyalty To have standards of performance Actual results can be compared

Advantages of personnel policies : 

Advantages of personnel policies Delegation Uniformity Better control Standards of efficiency Confidence Speedy decisions Coordinating devices

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