Open Court Day 1

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Open Court : 

Open Court August 23, 2010 Day 1

Sound/Spelling Cards : 

Sound/Spelling Cards There are capital letters and small letters. When do you use capital letters? At the beginning of a sentence. In special names-like yours. The names of places.

Vowels and Consonants : 

Vowels and Consonants a, e, i, o u The vowels letters are red. All other letters are black –these letters are called consonants.

Vowels : 

Vowels Why are vowels special? The can have more than one sound, long or short. Long vowels can be spelled in more than one way. Every word or syllable in the English language has a vowel.

Say and Clap : 

Say and Clap Dog (1) dog Table (2) ta/ble Basketball (3) bas/ket/ball Hippopotamus (5) hip/po/pot/a/mus

Spelling/sound cards : 

Spelling/sound cards Green box is for short vowels. The yellow box is for long vowels. The blue box is for other vowels such as diphthongs (/oi/; /ow/), r-controlled vowels (/er/; /ar/), and vowels digraphs (/aw/; /oo/; /¯¯

Consonant sounds : 

Consonant sounds Some have more than one spelling. /f/ sound can be spelled f or ph, and the /n/ sound can be spelled n or kn_.

Sounds : 

Sounds Sometimes two letters can make one sound. When two consonants make one sound it is called a consonant digraph. They include /sh/ spelled sh, /th/ spelled th, /ch/ spelled ch, and /hw/ spelled wh_.

Sounds : 

Sounds When two vowels make one sound, it is called a vowel digraph. Vowel digraphs include the ea spelling in bead and oa_ spelling in boat. (blanks)

High Frequency words : 

High Frequency words are does from give the were what

Extend Sentences : 

Extend Sentences Use the word fan in sentence. Extend the sentence by telling when, where, how, or why something happened.

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