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Gavin Carpenter, SeQuential-Pacific BiodieselWSHEMA – Oregon (503) 961-3929 : 

Gavin Carpenter, SeQuential-Pacific BiodieselWSHEMA – Oregon (503) 961-3929

SeQuential-Pacific Biodiesel : 

SeQuential-Pacific Biodiesel Plant location – Salem, Oregon 1mgy Plant 2005 5.2 mgy Plant 2008 17.1 mgy capacity August 2010 Washington – Oregon – Northern California B100 Biodiesel – B99 Biodiesel – Biodiesel Blends Recycled Cooking Oil, Canola Oil, and Camelina

SeQuential-Pacific Biodiesel Plant : 

SeQuential-Pacific Biodiesel Plant

SeQuential-Pacific Biodiesel Production : 

SeQuential-Pacific Biodiesel Production Cleaner burning 78% fewer toxic emissions Locally produced Reduce dependence on foreign oil Keeps Dollars in the Region & supports local economy Renewable and Sustainable Zero Waste Facility Flexibility on Pricing

Biodiesel Pricing Components : 

Biodiesel Pricing Components Primarily OPIS NYMEX Heating Oil - Fleet Options Buy Direct from Producer Fix Biodiesel component of fuel blend Discounts based on volume commitment Agreeing to run B20 blend year-round Attach Pricing to more accepted Index

Biodiesel Feedstocks : 

Biodiesel Feedstocks Virgin Oil Soy, Canola, Camelina Recycled Cooking Oil –most sustainable Diesel No. 2 = 129,500 btu/gallon B100 Biodiesel = 118,296 btu/gallon Biodiesel Feedstock Energy Content Equal

Biodiesel Feedstocks Cold Flow : 

Biodiesel Feedstocks Cold Flow

Fleets Using SQPB Biodiesel : 

Fleets Using SQPB Biodiesel Cities of Portland and Eugene B20 Portland Water Bureau B50 to B99 from 2006-2009 Organically Grown Company B99 Portland Garbage Haulers B20 Blend since ’07 McCall Oil Terminal, Portland BP Terminal, Portland

Regional Policy : 

Regional Policy Oregon B2 RFS Portland B5 RFS with Qualifying Feedstocks Oregon B5 RFS Trigger Washington RFS Washington GA State Fuel Contract Virgin Product Only California Low Carbon Fuel Standard

Questions : 

Questions Doesn’t Used Cooking Oil mean it’s already been used so it’s not as good as Ag products? How many Rain Forests have you personally destroyed making biodiesel?

Thank You : 

Thank You Gavin Carpenter, Regional Sales Manager, SeQuential-Pacific Biodiesel (503) 961-3929 Feel free to contact for Plant Tour and Pricing Options

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