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National Soybean Research Laboratory Protein Applications Around the World “ The First Wealth is Health” - Ralph Waldo Emerson

The Importance of Protein : 

The Importance of Protein Maintenance of Body Functions Growth, Development and at Crucial Points (Pregnancy and Lactation) Source of Essential Amino Acids Health Maintenance and Disease Management RDI is Established Using Highly Digestible and High Quality Protein

Incorporating Protein : 

Incorporating Protein Start with end point of protein needs and then look how best to add to the menus Assessment of when & how to add protein products Acceptability improves using culturally appropriate recipes Importance of training & education of staff

Targeted Response : 

Targeted Response Identify the Unique Needs of Your Clients Age Health Status Economic Purchasing Power Culture Cuisine Norms and Preferences

Product Development : 

Product Development Ten Years of International Product Development Complimentary Feeding and Weaning Products Meat Extenders and Meat Replacers Baked Products Snacks Beverages Noodles Biscuits or Cookies Cereals Dairy Applications

Economically Efficient : 

Economically Efficient What is Appropriate and Accessible Utilize Local Staples and Supplement with other High Protein Ingredients to Achieve a Cost Effective Option Include Higher Protein (Quality and Quantity) Ingredients and Replace Lower Protein Ingredients

Local Resources and Local Cuisines : 

Local Resources and Local Cuisines Local Resources Indigenous Plants and Animal Resources Local Staples that are Lower in Protein can be Enhanced In Keeping with Local Tastes Appropriate for Local Recipes Ties into Local Industry and Agriculture

Amino Acid Requirements : 

Amino Acid Requirements Amino acids are required for : - synthesis of body Protein in muscle, organs, bone and skin - for nitrogen-containing compounds (e.g. creatine, hormones, and neurotransmitters) Although allowances are expressed as protein, the biological requirement is for amino acids.

Thank You : 

Thank You National Soybean Research Laboratory Research, Outreach and Education supporting soybean production and nutrition

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