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Public Relations primer : 

Public Relations primer How to get your news out

What is public relations : 

The practice of managing the communication between an organization and its public through the news media. Public relations is NOT an advertisement. The news media controls the final outcome. What is public relations

Good media relations involves: : 

Knowing your audience. Having a relevant story. Crafting a pitch. Writing an effective news release. Communicating regularly with the media. Good media relations involves:

What’s news? : 

Look for the unusual. Is this a trend? What is the change beyond the ordinary? Is it timely and relevant? Don’t‘ wait for months after your store or business opens to inform the news media. Immediacy is key. Do your homework. Know the facts. Ask the basic question: Why should people care about reading it? What’s news?

What’s news? : 

Make sure the story has real news value. Is it a national issue that you can add some local input to? That helps to put a “face” on a national story. Is it a human interest story that can have a wide audience appeal? What’s news?

How to get your news out? : 

Pitch the story or idea E-mail or call the reporter or editor. Be mindful of deadlines. Write up a brief pitch that includes the basic key information (Who, What, When, Where, Why and How) Don’t worry about how it is written. Give us the facts and the news – we’ll write it. How to get your news out?

How to get your news out? : 

Be open and available. That helps build confidence between you and the reporter. Return phone calls. Not doing so may indicate you have something to hide. Don’t expect a story just because you advertise. And don’t tell the reporter that. Realize that a journalist’s duty is to report all sides of a story to make it balanced. How to get your news out?

Richmond Times-Dispatch : 

E-mail or call the appropriate editor/reporter: Business Editor: John Hoke (649-6344) Deputy Business Editor: Greg Gilligan (649-6379) Reporters: Retail: Louis Llovio (649-6348) Banking/Real Estate: Carol Hazard (775-8023) Economy: David Ress (649-6051) Manufacturing/Tobacco: John Reid Blackwell (775-8123) Technology/telecommunications: Emily Dooley (649-6016) Utilities/Tourism/Transportation: Peter Bacque (649-6813) Health care: Tammie Smith (649-6572) Consumer issues: Iris Taylor (649-6349) Richmond Times-Dispatch

Metro Business : 

People & Places (promotions/new hires) Company News Real Estate News Send to: Biz Buzz: Louis Llovio Metro Business

Sunday’s Moneywise : 

Notable Gifts column E-mail to: Consumer Watch (Iris Taylor) Sunday’s Moneywise

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