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ITC Software : 

ITC Software presents © Copyright 2004,- 2010. All rights reserved. ITC Software

Business Process Outsourcing : 

“ BPO is the delegation of one or more IT-intensive business processes to an external provider who, in turn, owns, administrates and manages the selected process(es), based upon defined and measurable performance metrics.” Gartner Dataquest Business Process Outsourcing

Index : 

BPO Facts & Figures Our Services Techniques – eAccounting Business Continuity Plan Technology and Infrastructure Team – with a passion to excel Index

BPO Facts & Figures : 

BPO Facts & Figures

BPO is gaining significant traction in the market place : 

Business operations independent of distance. “REAL TIME” a reality Time Arbitrage a possibility. BPO is gaining significant traction in the market place

India AdvantageSignificant Growth in BPO : 

Overall Cost Savings (%) Insurance Banking/ Finance Automotive Telecom Pharmaceuticals Airlines 10.0-15.0 8.0-12.0 5.0-6.5 5.0-6.5 5.0-6.5 5.0-6.5 EBIDTA increase (times) 40-60% cost saving 3.5 x 1.5 x 1.3 x 1.1 x 1.1 x 1.2 x Key opportunity areas Back office processing Call Center operations Back office processing Call Center operations Research and Development Call Center operations Billing Engineering & design Call Center operations Frequent flyer programs * Estimates based on specific representative companies ** Non interest expenses Source: McKinsey analysis; Interviews India AdvantageSignificant Growth in BPO

Forecast ... : 

Source: NASSCOM Mckinsey Study 2002 and, Gartner Forecast ...

Rapid growth in global BPO marketto continue : 

Gartner estimates* CAGR14.7% IDC estimates** CAGR13.1% * Excludes logistics and manufacturing outsourcing to show addressable market $ Bn $ Bn 109 2000 2004 2005 2000 2004 2005 91 157 181 177 202 Source: Gartner; IDC Rapid growth in global BPO marketto continue ** Includes transaction processing

India’s Value Proposition : 

Source: McKinsey-Nasscom Productivity Cost Quality 40-60% cost reduction for offshored process Labour cost arbitrage, the reason for cost savings, likely to exist for next 20-30 years Faster turnaround time Time zone difference 24 x 7 service Learning curve effect Established methodologies and processes for better performance Well defined quantifiable quality and process metrics Access to highly qualified skill pool India’s Value Proposition

Top 5 Outsourcing Objectives : 

Source Gartner Top 5 Outsourcing Objectives

India Advantage : 

Source: Mckinsey & Co. A Mckinsey study shows that when processes are outsourced to India, companies not only get the advantage of low cost but also experience improvement in productivity and Quality. India Advantage

India’s Compelling Advantage makes it the Most Attractive Outsourcing Destination : 

Survey respondents shows the following outsourcing destination: India has transformed into the global outsourcing center of choice. It employs world class technology and efficient delivery mechanisms to ensure that clients get cost effective solutions for all their BPO needs. And more ……… Source: Computer world and InterUnity Group Inc., Concord India’s Compelling Advantage makes it the Most Attractive Outsourcing Destination

Top Drivers for Outsourcing to India : 

Top Drivers for Outsourcing to India Two million graduates each year (Existing Pool: over 25 million) 120,000 Engineers every year vs. 63000 in US English speaking and IT savvy workforce Cost reduction up to 50% Government support for IT and BPO industry Improving telecom infrastructure Lower infrastructure costs Favorable time lag: 12 hours with US & 5 hours with Europe Overnight turnarounds possible Resources with experience of financial and legal systems similar to the west Strong domestic IT services industry to support IT led BPO

Services : 

Services Medical Transcription Services Bookkeeping & Accounting Services The e-Accounting process HR Services Administrative & Other Services

Medical Transcription Services : 

Medical Transcription Services Our levels of security meet all HIPAA regulations related to Electronic Transmission of Patient Information Our medical transcription model provides 40- 50% savings to the clients compared to the transcription rates offered by transcriptionists in the USA.

Medical Transcription Services : 

Medical Transcription Services Specialties: Cardiology, Dentistry / Oral Surgery, Family Practice, Gastroenterology, General Surgery, Genetics, Internal Medicine, Nephrology, Neurology, Neurosurgery, Otolaryngology, Oncology / Hematology, Obstetrics / Gynecology, Orthopedics, Ophthalmology (including vitreoretinal surgery), Pathology, Pediatrics, Physical Therapy, Psychiatry, Podiatry, Pulmonary Medicine, Radiology, Resident training programs, Rheumatology, Urology, Vascular Surgery …

Medical Transcription Services : 

Medical Transcription Services Work flow diagram

Bookkeeping & Accounting Services : 

Accounts Receivable & Payable Invoice Processing Bank Reconciliation Asset Management Clearing Transactions Mortgage Loan Processing Tax Processing Claims Processing Travel & Expense Management Bookkeeping & Accounting Services

The e-Accounting process : 

The e-Accounting process

What is e-Accounting ? : 

e-Accounting helps to keep financial data and accounting applications in a safe, secure environment. Access can be provided to permitted users regardless of their location. What is e-Accounting ? A business requires that one keeps close control of their financial data. When your financial data is in the office and you aren’t, how do you retrieve the information you need? The solution is simple, and it’s called e-Accounting.

How does it work ? : 

With data in a secured and centralized environment, all users are able to access the data as & when they need. Business with multiple locations can all work in real-time on a single set of books which can be reviewed from any location. It's a true multi-user system, that provides all the same functionality of a local network. Head offices, Branches, Sales offices, Production Centres, Accountants, Internal & Statutory Auditors etc., can all work on the system at the same time with different levels of password. How does it work ?

How it works: Virtual Desktops : 

Virtual Desktops help everyone work on the same system, the same platform, and the same version of the software application. And the entire data is secure, backed up automatically, and kept current in real time. How it works: Virtual Desktops

Who owns my data ? : 

No one can have access to the data without express permission. The data is backed up regularly and moved off-site to a remote location. The data is stored on a multiple hard drive system, called R.A.I.D., every time it is saved, to protect it from hardware failure. Can other people access my data ? Who owns my data ?

How will you get access to the accounting data ? : 

Our facility uses a server to host the bookkeeping software. At any time from any Internet capable PC one can use encrypted password to look at the accounting records. The data is always updated and accurate. It is secure and dependable with 100% real time backup. How will you get access to the accounting data ?

What about Security ? : 

Security measures are taken to make sure that the information is protected. Clients can create own passwords, so no one (not even the ASP) can have access to the passwords. As the data travels over the Internet, it is protected by a technology called Secure Sockets Layer or SSL encryption. SSL ensures that the data reaches its location before it can be decoded. For added security, the clients need to make sure that their browser supports 128-bit encryption. This level of encryption is one of the best currently supported by consumer web browsers. What about Security ?

Work Flow : 

Work Flow

Folders and Path : 

Folders and Path

Spreadsheet : 


QuickBooks Pro : 

QuickBooks Pro

Sample Bank Statement : 

Sample Bank Statement Sample Bills

Sample Bills : 

Sample Bills Sample Bank Statement

HR Services : 

Payroll Services Benefits Administration Records Management HR Services

Administrative & Other Services : 

Data Management Content Conversion BCP Partner E-publishing Policy Administration Administrative & Other Services

Business Continuity Plan : 

Objective Safe guard internal as well as client’s data Minimize potential loss of time in case of disruption Build a framework of recovery Simply put ... the show must go on. Implementation Mirror Server at Falta Special Economic Zone, 60 km away from Calcutta. Recovery within 12 hours for critical processes and 36 hours for second stage critical processes. Well organized tech support to avoid negative fallouts in the unlikely event of major disruption. Business Continuity Plan

Infrastructure & Technology…. : 

Our facility spans over 60,000 sq. ft in the IT hub of Calcutta - Salt Lake Electronics Complex, with the likes of IBM, TCS, Agilent, Wipro etc. in the vicinity. ITC recognizes the fact that productivity and infrastructure are correlated. For a virtual tour of our facility, please click here Infrastructure & Technology….

Facility Tour …. : 

Facility Tour ….

TheTeam …. … Committed to Excellence : 

ITC’s team is its most valuable asset. All our specialists have a passion for excellence. COMMITMENT to client service and satisfaction is the key drive. The customized training gears them to handle the anticipated growth and stand at the forefront in the industry. They support our vision and provide speedy and consistent delivery of services. ITC’s team is hand picked to meet client’s specific requirement with the biggest emphasis on attitude and not merely experience. TheTeam …. … Committed to Excellence

The Management Team : 

Click here For an interesting insight into our recruitment process The Management Team

The Recruitment Process – Stage I : 

Eligibility Criteria 1st Class Commerce Graduates Age between 20-27 Excellent communication skills in English. Computer Savvy Aptitude Test Written English, Grammar, vocabulary & Comprehension following market standards (TOEFL) Logical Reasoning Specific domain knowledge testing Interview & Group Discussion Verbal Communication Skills & quality of expression Attitude and commitment Team Spirit The Recruitment Process – Stage I

The Training Process – Stage III : 

Intensive Training and Evaluation : Accounting Software – Quickbooks, Tally, Sage, Peachtree International Accounting Standard Knowledge with special focus on the client’s country (e.g. US GAAP). Business Practices. Technical and Soft skills Industry Exposure The Training Process – Stage III

Committed to Excellence … : 

Committed to Excellence … ITC Software Phone: +1 978 287 4855 Thank You ! ITC Software back to index Ask for a free trial run

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