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Oh Canada! : 

Oh Canada! The beautiful city of Vancouver!

Community Living : 

Community Living Population: 578,041 (as of 2006) Geography and climate: Shielded from the Pacific Ocean by Vancouver Island. Sports: Ice hockey (Yes we won the Olympics!) History : Founded in 1866, was used as a port to bring goods from Asia to the East.

Tourist and Attractions : 

Tourist and Attractions Stanley Park Grouse Mountain Whistler

Traditions/Festivals : 

Traditions/Festivals Tradition Boxing Day (after christmas shopping spree!) Vancouver Pride Parade (August) Festival HSBC Celebration of lights (End July) Pacific Northwest Exhibition (End August)

Enticing Entertainment : 

Enticing Entertainment Clubs/Bars Student community Outdoor living (Active lifestyle)

Fabulous Food : 

Fabulous Food All kinds of Food! Best food is salmon Sashimi/sushi! Canadian food: Maple Syrup, Poutine, Smarties

Education/Health : 

Education/Health Education is provided for free (if you are a resident), up till post secondary. Post secondary is relatively expensive, but UBC is one of the most affordable universities (ranging around $5000/year in tuition). Healthcare is provided for FREE as well. (Universal healthcare system)

Economy : 

Economy Driven primarily by trade, film and natural resources. Largest major Asia-Pacific port in North America. Host almost 10% of all Hollywood movies. Headquarters to major mining and forestry companies.

Social Problems : 

Social Problems Downtown East Hastings is not a desirable place to live in. Drugs is a big problem in terms of marijuana use. Legal drinking age is 19, therefore underage drinking tends to be high.

Structure/Government : 

Structure/Government Constitutional Monarchy (Mix between American and British political systems.) Queen of Britain is represented by Governor General Federal and provincial governments Current PM: Mr. Steven Harper Current BC Premier: Mr. Gordon Campbell

Recent Events : 

Recent Events Canada won the Gold Medal in Olympics Men Hockey. Vancouver is voted as World’s Number 1 city to live in. (2009) London-based Economist Intelligent Survey (EIU)

UBC : 


@ Life : 

@ Life EB consists of 7 members (LCP and 6 VPs) Portfolios: Finance, Corp. Relations, Talent Mgt., Alum. Relations, Communications, Outgoing Exchange. 4 conferences/ year LC Bonding times

Slide 14: 

@ UBC and the good times!

Slide 15: 

@ UBC and the GREAT times!

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