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BSc (Hons) Sport Studies BSc (Hons) Sport & Exercise Scienceswith and without DIS/DAS : 

BSc (Hons) Sport Studies BSc (Hons) Sport & Exercise Scienceswith and without DIS/DAS Final Year Induction 16D08 September 18th 2008

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1:00 Welcome to School of Sports Studies Final Year Overview : Semester and Exam Dates, Degree Classifications explained, Studies Advice 1:45 Choose final year reps 2.00 Module Choices – overview from FINAL YEAR staff 2.20 Research Project Modules (DH & EW) 2:45 Careers and CPPD – Gavin Breslin 3:00 Advanced Entry Students info/Others on line enrolment LRC 3:30 Advanced Entry Enrolment – Room 17C23

Academic Staff : 

Academic Staff Dr Marie Murphy- Head of School Room 15E06 Dr Bill McCullough Course Director Room 15C03B Dr Eric Wallace – SESRI Room 15E07 Dr Deirdre Brennan Room 15E01B Ms Mary Margaret Meade Academic Co-ordinator Room 15C04 Dr Paul Darby Sport Studies Project Co-ord Room 15E01C Dr David Hassan Sport Studies Project Co-ord Room15E01E Dr Gareth Davison Course Director MSc Room 15E01F Dr Ron Cole Placement coordinator Room 15C05 Mr Shane McCullough Room 15E05 Mr Tadhg McIntyre Room 15C07 - - Mrs Tandy Haughey Room 15E02B

Academic Staff : 

Academic Staff Dr Gavin Breslin Room 15E01D - Dr Rodney Kennedy Room 15E03 - Mr David Reid Room 15E02A Mrs Sinead Connolly Room 15C08 Mr Maurice Field Room 15C01 Dr Katie Liston Room 15E04 Dr Conor Mc Clean Room 15C01A Dr Margaret Groeneveld Room ? Dr Michael Hanlon Room 15C03A Dr Allan Edwards Room ? Mr William Moore – Performance Services Room 11D134

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Technical Staff- 15C14 Dr John Brown Dr Roy Crow School Secretary Mrs Barbara Gregg Room 15E08A Staff pigeon-holes in Room 15E08A

2008-09 Key Dates : 

2008-09 Key Dates Semester 1: 12 weeks Teaching begins Mon 22nd Sept Teaching ends: Friday 12 Dec Xmas holidays 15 Dec – 2 Jan January Examinations 5th Jan- 23rd Jan 2009

Semester 2 : 

Semester 2 Teaching begins Mon 26th Jan Teaching Ends Friday 8th May EASTER :Mon 6th April – Friday 17th April

May Examinations : 

May Examinations Revision Week: 4th May – 8th May EXAMS: 11th May –22th May Last week May/First week June- External Examiners 29th June – 3rd July: Graduation @ Waterfront

Degree Classifications : 

Degree Classifications 4 taught modules CW+Exam/2= Module Average Research Project (2 modules)= added twice Divided by 6 Year Average 70+ = 1st first class 60-69 = 2:1 second class: upper division 50-59 = 2:2 second class: lower division 40-49 = 3rd third class 0-39 =Fail no degree Also must have 50% of the final year modules in the class awarded

External Examiners : 

External Examiners Early June (usually first week)- exact dates available in April You MUST be available for interview 2 External Examiners Externals asked to see representatives of different classifications borderline candidates failing candidates extenuating circumstances projects of interest to them To your advantage to see externals

References : 

References Jobs / PGCE /GTTR/postgrad study applications Academic referee = Studies Adviser! (Project Supervisor) If you want the reference to do you justice: Provide details of the job you are applying to (copy of form?) Provide up to date CV or info- including modules taken with grades extra qualifications placement or other experience For GTTR or postgrad study- provide all info and s.a.e.- for referee to complete and submit

Research Skills Training : 

Research Skills Training Friday 26 the Sept 11:30 – 12:30 group A 12:30 – 1:30 group B Venue: 13C37 LRC Tutor Laura Mills Content: Sports Discus/ Data Base searching

Library Skills & IT inductionAdvanced Entry : 

Library Skills & IT inductionAdvanced Entry Venue: 13C37 Info Skills Room LRC Date: THURSDAY 25TH Sept Time: 3:15 – 4:15

Studies Advice : 

Studies Advice List sent round – note name of your studies adviser. Will also post list on notice board Arrange to meet during semester 1 – contact through by email Use as required during year- second ‘port of call’ for module issues first ‘port of call’ for other more general issues

Lines of Communication : 

Lines of Communication Query or Issue Student Handbook Module Coordinator Studies Adviser Year Tutor Course Director Academic Coordinator Head of School

Extenuating Circumstances : 

Extenuating Circumstances To have extenuating circumstances considered you must: Submit EC1 form -available on website- to Course Director in advance of submission date OR within 5 days of an examination date attach authenticated evidence medical certificate letter from counsellor This will be confidentially considered and decision made by course committee or exam board

Extenuating Circumstances : 

Extenuating Circumstances Restrictive interpretation!- university regulation If successful- extension or first sit given Extensions: Module co-ordinators are not authorised to give extensions - must be supported by Module Coordinator and sanctioned by Course Director

What is EC? : 

What is EC? Illness in the run-up to an examination or coursework deadline, or during an examination Bereavement in the run-up to an examination or coursework deadline (normally a close relative i.e. parent, child, partner or sibling) Sudden illness or emergency in connection with a family member or dependent Civil disturbance (rioting, intimidation, bomb-scares, bus and rail disruption) Traumatic event (e.g. being assaulted, or witnessing an accident or assault

What is EC? : 

What is EC? Extreme weather conditions preventing either study or travel Domestic upheaval (fire, burglary, eviction)

What is not EC? : 

What is not EC? (a) Employment commitments limiting time available for study (b) Pressure of other academic work e.g. other coursework due around the same time (c) Having to take a pre-arranged holiday (d) Wedding preparations (e) University/club sporting commitments (f) Missing a bus (g) Moving house (h) Failure of IT systems

What if I fail modules? : 

What if I fail modules? You are only allowed to fail 2 modules (40 credits) in final year and you only have 1 further opportunity to resit them. project/dissertation module = 40 credits. Failure of either module at the 2nd occasion means you would be required to withdraw from the course. How many modules am I allowed to resit? In final year you are allowed to fail only 2 and resit them in August. only 1 (20 credit points) module can be condoned in final year Final year project is not condonable

Class Reps / Staff Student : 

Class Reps / Staff Student 3-4 reps Year 3 and Year 4 All modules covered Good for CV- shows leadership Staff -student consultative committee (1 per semester) Final Year reps draw up agenda, chair and minute Minutes go to course committee- invited to attend to hear how issues are dealt with Broader school and faculty student issues Final Years- usually organise Formal- an organising committee?? Post project hand-in???

Module Choices : 

Module Choices 1 Compulsory- Double Weighted over 2 semesters SLS519J4J4 Research Project in Sport Studies (PD DH) SLS506J4 Research Project in Sport & Exercise Sciences (EW)

Module Choices : 

Module Choices Semester 2 Choose 2 from: SLS508J2 Exercise and Health (GD) SLS515J2 Sport and Identities (DH) SLS5521J2 Advanced Sports Development: (SMCC) SLS520J2 Sport & Empire / New Module SLS512J2 Applied Sports Biomechanics (EW)

Module Choices : 

Module Choices Semester 1 Choose 2 from: SLS504J1 Applied Sport Psychology (MMM) SLS511J1 Exercise Metabolism (GD) SLS514J1 Football & Society (PD) SLS513J1 PE: Curriculum Dev & Innovation (DB) SLS510J1 Strategic Management (MF )

Final year module overviews : 

Final year module overviews Module Coordinators

Research Project : 

Research Project SLS506J4 Sport and Exercise Science Project: EW Introduction to module Wed 24 Sept 11:15 -1:15 9F06 SLS519J4 Sports Studies Project: DH /PD Stay here for overview


CPPD Mr Gavin Breslin


CPPD Wed 1 Sept 11:15 – 12:15 9F06 CPPD 1 Wed 22 Oct 11:15 - 12:15 9F06 CPPD 2 Wed 29 Oct 11:15 – 12:15 9F06 CPPD 3 Worth attending: AT NO COST cv’s interviews graduate opportunities postgraduate opportunities contact name face and number in Careers Office

Advanced Entry Students : 

Advanced Entry Students Q & A

Enrolment : 

Enrolment 3 pm Room 17C22 Have form completed and signed: check names addresses and phone numbers add 5 modules on reverse Make sure you have pre requisites for modules sign on reverse

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