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Exercise & Sport Science : 

Exercise & Sport Science Dr. Dan Dwyer Dr. Xanne Janse de Jonge Mr. Bob Lockie Mr. Charles Berry Ms. Karen Haddad Faculty of Science & IT School of Environmental & life Sciences Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Have you ever wondered… : 

Exercise & Sport Science | 2 Have you ever wondered… Who decides how much exercise is good for you? Who designed the skins suits that our Olympic swimmers wear? Who helps our national coaches design better training programs? Who invented the fitness test? Does Speedo’s LZR Racer swim suit really offer an advantage to swimmers?

A day in the life of an Exercise Scientist : 

Exercise & Sport Science | 3 A day in the life of an Exercise Scientist

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Exercise & Sport Science | 4

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Exercise & Sport Science | 5

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Exercise & Sport Science | 6

Exercise & Sport Science uses science to understand sports performance and the benefits of exercise : 

Exercise & Sport Science | 7 Exercise & Sport Science uses science to understand sports performance and the benefits of exercise Physics Psychology Anatomy Physiology Biochemistry

Who Studies Exercise Science? : 

Exercise & Sport Science | 8 Who Studies Exercise Science? People interested in exercise & sport Advising people about how to exercise Working with athletes and coaches to improve sport performance People interested in health Working with cardiac patients in a hospital Working in Occupational Health and Safety Promoting exercise to the public

Exercise Scientists work… : 

Exercise & Sport Science | 9 Exercise Scientists work… With Every day people Athletes Patients Overweight people Children and adults In Gyms, Institutes and Academies of Sport Hospitals, clinics Schools and Sporting Associations

The Exercise & Sport Science Degree : 

Exercise & Sport Science | 10 The Exercise & Sport Science Degree UAI entry score in 2009 is expected to be ~75 8 subjects per year for 3 years General science and exercise science subjects Interesting and fun practical laboratory classes Opportunity for work experience

New Laboratories : 

Exercise & Sport Science | 11 New Laboratories We have invested in well equipped laboratories to ensure you have excellent facilities to use Exercise Physiology $150,000 Biomechanics $120,000 (+$110,000) Studio Gym

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Exercise & Sport Science | 12 The New Exercise & Sport Science Building – Opening in 2009

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Exercise & Sport Science | 13

Professional Recognition : 

Exercise & Sport Science | 14 Professional Recognition Graduates are able to apply for membership with the Australian Association for Exercise and Sports Science With further study graduates can qualify as an Accredited Exercise Physiologist Eligible for a Medicare provider number A career in private practice

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Exercise & Sport Science | 15 Questions?

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Exercise & Sport Science | 16 Foundations of Exercise & Sport Science Biomedical Science Pt. 1 Physics for Biotechnologists Psychology Introduction Exercise and Health Throughout the Life Cycle Biomedical Science Pt. 2 Musculoskeletal Anatomy Foods & Nutrition 2 Exercise Physiology I Macronutrients Biomechanics Studies in Population Health and Health Promotion Exercise Physiology II Exercise and Sport Psychology Statistics Micronutrients Exercise Testing & Prescription for Health Exercise Testing and Prescription for Sport Sports Nutrition Advanced Biomechanics Contemporary Sport Management Professional Preparation and Practice Research Methods Nutrition Throughout the Life Cycle

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