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Overview : 

Overview Background Strategy Success of the strategy Competitors Industry analysis Target customers Marketing mix Research used Conclusion

History : 

History 1927-manufactured for treatment of illnesses like colds and influenza 1929-glucozade changed to lucozade -sold in glass bottle until 1983 1983-rebranded as an energy drink 2000-became part of GlaxoSmithkline

Slide 4: 

Current strategy Rebranded as an energy and sports drink Product line extension to new flavours Sports marketing and endorsement Online sales Partnering with sports associations Sports marketing and endorsement Lighter bottle

Slide 5: 

Marketing strategy Targeting a growing market-energy and sports drinks Use of sports and sports communication Stocking an effective range-energy and sports nutrition in liquid,tablet,gel and food form Sports endorsements by top sports people

Successful strategy : 

Successful strategy Identified a growth market-sports and energy drinks Effective use of marketing, advertising, promotions, public relations, instore and packaging Sports research Aggressive advertising in cinema, outdoor, online,press,mobile,brand experience road show.

SWOT Analysis : 

SWOT Analysis Strengths Strong brand with high level of consumer acceptance around the world Reliable cashflows from sales Among the leaders in sports and energy drinks Sold in 117 countries Good reputation-as a result of the medicine manufacture Weaknesses Recent financial market crisis Not re-branding effectively around the world- In Uganda it is still perceived as a recuperating drink

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Opportunities Global growth in sales of sports and energy drinks Sports marketing Cross generational targeting of youth, middle and old age Changing customer tastes New distribution channels Globalisation Threats Intense competition from substitute goods Regulations by the European Food safety authority Recent economic Recession No core competence due to the many competitors Changing customer tastes

competitors : 


Industry Analysis : 

Industry Analysis Political Stability of government Increase in taxation Legislations and laws Health and safety laws Foreign trade agreements Economic Tax rates Inflation rates Disposable income Energy availability and cost Economic slow down

Slide 11: 

Technological Increasing use of cyber space and its implications Rapid evolution of new technologies Communication infrastructure Technological skills Transport infrastructure Environmental Corporate social responsibility Consumerism Environmental protection laws

Slide 12: 

Socio-cultural factors Population growth Levels of education Religion Language Changing lifestyles

Target Customers : 

Target Customers Sports people in all fields Health conscious people Students Recuperating people Middle class

Marketing mix : 

Marketing mix Product -well packaged and meets safety standards -satisfies customer needs -several brands under sports and energy Price -price is currently competitive-from 98 pence-£1(energy drinks) Place -available in most discount stores and busy places where it is needed like hospitals Promotions -aggressive advertising,sales promotions,product endorsement

Slide 15: 

Primary research Face to face interviews with people who have used the product Secondary Research Online marketing news and websites Lucozade company website Newspaper articles about the product Product review magazines Marketing magazines

Product line Extension –repositioning in the Ugandan Market : 

Product line Extension –repositioning in the Ugandan Market From a recuperating drink to an energy and sports drink extending all the range of products under the energy and sports range to the market. Smaller size bottles and packages will be used since the price will be low Communication messages about the brand and its benefits will be in english and all the major local languages

Target market: : 

Target market: 16-60years Sports people in all fields People recuperating from illness Students Middle and upper income

Conclusion-facts about energy : 

Conclusion-facts about energy Average adult brain uses approximately 20% of the daily energy intake(120g glucose per day) Brain uses glucose as its main source of energy Active brain regions use more glucose and oxygen

Slide 19: 

Starving dog revived with Lucozade When Lucas the German shepherd dog was found cowering in a shed, starving and dehydrated, his rescuers realised he was on the brink of death.With nothing else to hand, they gave him a bottle of the sugary sports drink, Lucozade. And, just like the old advert used to say, it aided recovery and got him back on his paws. Rescuer Ronnie Richardson said: ‘The only thing we had was a bottle of Lucozade and he lapped it up.’ The dog now lives with a foster family in Lucas Road (aptly enough), Long Buckby, Northampton(metro-13/05/2010)



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