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1 1 Click to add the title of your presentation Breakout Sessions # 115, 215, 315, 415, 515, 615 Dr. Mike Criss, CPCM Jack Hott, CPCM, Fellow Date: July 19 & 20 2010

Monday Schedule : 

2 Monday Schedule Session 115 (Hott) Acquisition Strategy & Pre-Award Competencies (CMBOK chap 3 & 4) Session 215 (Criss) CM Introduction & CMBOK Overview (CMBOK chap 1 & 2) Session 315 (Hott) Contract Award Competencies (CMBOK chap 5)

Tuesday Schedule : 

3 Tuesday Schedule Session 415 (Criss) Specialized Knowledge Competencies (CMBOK chap 7) Session 515 (Hott) Post-Award Competencies (CMBOK chap 6) Session 615 (Criss) Unique Commercial and Federal Contracting & Exam Discussion (CMBOK chap 8-10)

Acquisition Strategy Competencies : 

4 Acquisition Strategy Competencies Acquisition Planning Market Research Contract Methods and Methodology Contract Types Contract Incentives Other Types of Contracts, Agreements, and Arrangements Contract Financing Intellectual Property

Acquisition Planning : 

5 Acquisition Planning Description of Need Conditions & Constraints Establish Target Costs Required Capabilities or Performance Delivery or Performance Period Trade-offs Risk Plan of Action

Contract Methods & Methodology : 

6 Contract Methods & Methodology Sealed Bidding Negotiation Simplified Acquisition Federal Supply Schedules E-Commerce Master Agreements Prequalification

Contract Type : 

7 Contract Type Cost-Reimbursement Time & Materials Fixed-Price Incentives (Cost & Performance) Awards (Objective & Subjective) BOA & IDIQ I hate hybrids and letter contracts!!!

Contract Financing : 

8 Contract Financing Commercial Loans, Line of Credit, Advance Funding, Venture Capital Government Progress Payments based on incurred cost, Construction Progress Payments, Milestone, Performance-Based Payments, Advances, and Loan Guarantees

Intellectual Property : 

9 Intellectual Property Patent Rights Copyrights Trademark Data Rights Licensing Royalties Trade Secrets Shop Rights Nondisclosure Agreements

Pre-Award Competencies : 

10 Pre-Award Competencies Acquisition Planning Market Research Acquisition Plan Contract Methods and Methodology Contract Incentives

Pre-Award Competencies : 

11 Pre-Award Competencies Requirements Preparation Publicity Proposal Evaluation Source Selection Negotiations

Preparation of Requirements : 

12 Preparation of Requirements Complexity Statement of Work Contract Type and Method Terms and Conditions Evaluation Procedures Proposal Preparation and Submission Other Considerations

Preparation of Requirements : 

13 Preparation of Requirements Statement of Work (SOW) Types Design Performance Functional

Preparation of Requirements : 

14 Preparation of Requirements Elements of a SOW Objective Scope Description Performance Standards Reporting Requirements Staffing Requirements Resources to be Provided Reference Documents

Contract Type and Method : 

15 Contract Type and Method Fixed-Priced Cost Reimbursable Fee or Profit Incentive Arrangements Risk Sharing

Terms and Conditions : 

16 Terms and Conditions Risk Sharing Reduce Ambiguity Boiler Plate Automated Systems Pick List Standard or General Terms Special Terms or Conditions

Evaluation Procedures : 

17 Evaluation Procedures Clearly State Evaluation Procedures Sealed Bidding (IFB) Negotiated (RFP) Too Few vs Too Many Factors Independent Factors Relative Importance Understanding by Offerors Follow Plan

Instructions for Proposal Preparation and Submission : 

18 Instructions for Proposal Preparation and Submission To Ensure Uniform Submission are Received Specific vs General Areas to Consider Page Count and Format Organization of Proposal Number of Copies Due Date

Other Preparation Considerations/Requirements : 

19 Other Preparation Considerations/Requirements Independent Technical Review Marketplace Comments Draft RFP Pre-Solicitation Notices and Conferences

Publicity : 

20 Publicity Government Agencies Over Certain Dollar Thresholds Posted on Website FEDBIZOPS Doing Business With Exceptions Certain Government-Wide Contracts Mandatory Sources Small Business Programs Under Thresholds Adequate Number of Sources Or Informal Methods

Publicity : 

21 Publicity Commercial Organizations Trade Journals or other Media May Use Government Resources Maybe Contract Specific Language

Publicity : 

22 Publicity Advertisement should remain open long enough to be useful. Amendments and Changes can also be advertised.

Proposal Evaluation : 

23 Proposal Evaluation Typical Evaluation Considerations Typical Evaluation Techniques

Typical Evaluation Considerations : 

24 Typical Evaluation Considerations Price Technical Capabilities Management Capabilities Past Performance Relative Significance of Evaluation Factors

Typical Evaluation Techniques : 

25 Typical Evaluation Techniques Separate Evaluation of Technical Aspects Compliance Matrix Independent Evaluation Uniform Rating Scale Numeric Scales Color Schemes Adjectival Scales Compare Results and Reach Consensus

Source Selection : 

26 Source Selection Organization and Process Organization Page 39 Process Page 40

Negotiations : 

27 Negotiations Preparation Negotiation Team Negotiation Objectives Negotiation Guidelines

Negotiations : 

28 Negotiations Strategies and Tactics Cooperative Competitive Time Restricted Deadlock

Negotiations : 

29 Negotiations The Negotiation Fact–Finding Location General Introductions Agenda Use of Question and Answer Start Easy

Negotiations : 

30 Negotiations Agreement Negotiation Document Description of Supplies or Services Solicitation or Proposal Number Parties Involved History Negotiations Objectives Negotiation Summary Concessions Major Items discussed and outcomes Use and reliance on data Copy of agreed-to final position

Introduction : 

31 Introduction What is a Contract Offer and Acceptance Legal Purpose Competent Parties Adequate Consideration Requirements for Writing or Form Rescission Bilateral vs. Unilateral Express vs. Implied

Introduction : 

32 Introduction What is Contract Management? A Process of Managing: Deliverables Deadlines Contract Terms Ensuring Customer Satisfaction

Introduction : 

33 Introduction Ethics Professional Certification Bachelor’s Degree Five Years Experience 120 Hours of Continuing Education Pass Examination Must have approved application on file to sit for the exam

Introduction : 

34 Introduction Contract Life Cycle Acquisition Planning Pre-Award Award Post-Award

Introduction : 

35 Introduction Stakeholders and Organizational Influences Many Stakeholders Principle and Secondary Internal and External Organizational Influences Managers Marketplace Technology

Introduction : 

36 Introduction Competencies Business Marketing Management Operations Accounting Contracting Ethics Laws and Regulations Standards of Conduct

Contract Award Competencies : 

37 Contract Award Competencies Preparation of Contract Document Award Notification

Contract Award Competencies : 

38 Contract Award Competencies Award Preparation of the Contract Document Contract File Post-Award Conference Notification

Award : 

39 Award Preparation of the Contract Document Form UCF, UCC, Other Capture Agreement Reduce Ambiguities Attachments

Award : 

40 Award Contract File Completeness Record of Pre-Solicitation Activities Solicitation Evaluation Award Process Close Out Administration Include Appropriate Documents Proper Review of File

Award : 

41 Award Post-Award Conference Consider Complexity of Contract Not a Meeting to Fix Problems Confirm Understanding and Begin Performance Consider Attendees

Notification : 

42 Notification Prompt Notification of Successful Offeror Notification to Unsuccessful Offerors Publicity Requirements

Specialized Knowledge Competencies : 

43 Specialized Knowledge Competencies R&D A&E and Construction IT Service Contacts Contract with State and Local Governments Supply Chain Management International Contracting

Research and Development : 

44 Research and Development Future looking and uncertain requirements Difficult to define scope see page 58 Widely Publicized Not Suited for FFP Solicitations Given only to Qualified Firms Evaluation Criteria see page 59 Awarded on the Basis of Technical Approach or Innovation

A&E and Construction : 

45 A&E and Construction A&E Professional Services Modified Evaluation Approach Selected Based on Most Qualified Construction Uses Sealed Bidding and Negotiation Special FAR Part and takes Precedence

Information Technology : 

46 Information Technology Risk due to pace of change Use of modular contracting Braking requirements into smaller packages to minimize risk

Service Contracts : 

47 Service Contracts Special FAR Part Walsh Healy Service Contract Act Wage Determinations Performance Based Contracting

State and Local Governments : 

48 State and Local Governments Varies by State and Municipality Can be closer to Commercial See page 62

Supply Chain Management : 

49 Supply Chain Management Evolutionary Process Lower Total Installed Cost Reduce Number of Suppliers Negotiate Long-Term Contracts Rigorous Inspection of Supplier Base Continuous Improvement

International Contracting : 

50 International Contracting Buy America and Trade Agreements Act Sensitive to Foreign Content Language Location Different Meaning and Commercial Terms Currency Differences More Third Party Involvement Social Customs Different Processes Legal Processes Tax Implications Export Issues and Political Climate

Post-award Competencies : 

51 Post-award Competencies Contract Administration Subcontract Administration Changes and Modifications Property Transportation Disputes Termination Contract Closeout

Contract Administration : 

52 Contract Administration Depth of Post-Award Administration Impacted by Many Factors Contract Type Value Financing Quality of SOW/Specifications Profitability Expectations of the Parties

Contract Administration (con’t) : 

53 Contract Administration (con’t) Effective Communication Post-Award Meeting Period Status Review Meetings Written Status Reports Observation Documentation

Subcontract Administration : 

54 Subcontract Administration Risk Associated with Outsourcing Client Oversight of Outsourcing Win Strategy Impact on Outsourcing The Privity Conundrum Subcontractor Claims Flowdown of Requirements & Clauses

Changes and Modifications : 

55 Changes and Modifications Directed Who can direct What can be directed Constructive Action or inaction that results in a change not through contract change provisions/clauses Cardinal Out of Scope Breach of Contract Force Majeure Acts of God Excusable Delay

Changes and Modifications : 

56 Changes and Modifications Prompt Notification of Apparent Noncompliance Early Identification of Changes Agreement of Authority to Affect Change Agreement on Estimating Processes Written Concurrence

Property : 

57 Property Ownership Accountability Competitive Advantage Property Administration

Transportation : 

58 Transportation Required Receipt Dates Mode of Transportation Transportation Related Services Responsibility for Transportation Charges

Disputes : 

59 Disputes Contractual Remedies Informal Collaboration Negotiation Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Resolution Through Available Legal Means

Termination : 

60 Termination Termination for Default (T4D) Termination for Convenience (T4C) Termination by Mutual Consent No-Cost Termination/Cancellation

Contract Closeout : 

61 Contract Closeout Required goods or services have been received and accepted (Physical Completion) Property disposition Classified data disposition Outstanding claims and issues settled Invoices received and paid Final Invoice and release Formal notice of administrative closeout executed Excess funds deobligated

Unique Commercial Contracting Competencies : 

62 Unique Commercial Contracting Competencies Agency Authority Uniform Commercial Code

Unique federal Contracting Competencies : 

63 Unique federal Contracting Competencies Statues and Regulations Role of FAR Ratification Unique Practices Pre-Award Award Post-Award Mistakes and Protests Socioeconomic Programs

Anatomy of a Multiple-Choice Question : 

64 Anatomy of a Multiple-Choice Question Stem Read the FULL statement to understand what the question is asking Key The correct answer Distracters Plausible answers to those who cannot ascertain the correct answer

Test Time! : 

65 Test Time! Discussion? Questions?

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