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To Kill a Mockingbird : 

To Kill a Mockingbird -Harper Lee The fantastic page-turner, that tells the story of a young girl finding that the world she lives in contains more evil than she thought.

Characterization of : 

Characterization of Jean Louis Finch. “Scout” Hi, I’m Scout! Scout Finch is the narrator and protagonist In Harper Lee’s To Kill A Mockingbird. Scout is a young girl that only thinks about her simple life which is contained mainly in her neighborhood. When Scout starts to realize that the world is not all good, she is deeply effected. An adjective that would fit with Scouts personality would be “tomboy”. She loves playing outside with her brother and doesn’t care whether she is in style or not.

Characterization of Atticus. : 

Characterization of Atticus. Atticus Atticus finch is the father of Jem and Scout Finch. He is a lawyer in Maycomb, Alabama. Atticus raised his kids to be respectful and courteous to everyone, even people that are unalike them. He is strongly against racism and believes in equal rights. Atticus stirs up trouble in Maycomb when he defends a black man accused of raping a white woman. Atticus and his family suffer mistreatment from the white population in their area. Atticus’ character is important, because if it weren’t for him, Scout wouldn’t have realized the evil and discrimination going on in Maycomb.

Significance of Maycomb. : 

Significance of Maycomb. Maycomb is a small town in Alabama. It is significant to the story, because in a small town, everyone knows everyone. There aren’t many secrets in Maycomb, because of the way of life that took place there. Neighboors were more like family than acquaintances, so rumors were able to be spread in no time. The citizens of Maycomb were used to being prejudges, because that’s just how they were raised.


CLIMAX! The climax of To Kill A Mockingbird is when Atticus Finch is defending Tom Robinson in court. The court room is a madhouse by the end of the great decision. In conclusion, Tom is ruled guilty and gets punished in the chair.


RESOLUTION! The resolution of “To Kill A Mockingbird”, is Bob Ewell attempts to murder the children, until Boo Radley saves their lives! Mr. Ewell was stabbed and killed by a kitchen knife. Scout takes Boo by the hand and walks him home.

Symbolism of mockingbird! : 

Symbolism of mockingbird! A mockingbird is harmless and has no intention of bringing harm to one. The mockingbird in the novel, represents Boo Radley, because he never meant any harm to anyone.

Relevance of historical context of the novel. : 

Relevance of historical context of the novel. Written in 1950-1960 Written in New York and Monroeville Alabama. Published in 1960! The story was inspired by an actual similar court case.

Theme! : 

Theme! Some major themes displayed in the novel “To Kill A Mockingbird” are: Unity Prejudice Don’t judge a book by its cover

Conclusion! : 

Conclusion! In conclusion and in my opinion, the novel was a great choice for a summer reading project! ‘‘To Kill A Mockingbird’’ had the perfect mix of intelligence, figurative language, and action to satisfy my craving for excitement. Harper Lee did a great job on introducing the reader to each character. The more you feel you know the character, the more drawn into the plot you are. The theme of the novel gave me a sense of peace and stillness, the storyline was very relaxed and not rushed. I enjoyed it very much!

Works cited: : 

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