How To Make A Fruit Bouquet

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How To Make A Fruit Bouquet : 

How To Make A Fruit Bouquet By, Maggie Gutierrez

What you will need for bouquet, toothpicks and shish kabob sticks, bowl. An Assortment of fruits, Such as pineapple, strawberries, grapes, Mellon, an a Head of lettuce! You can design your fruit arrangement to your preference. Or can use any floral design, to use as a design for your fruit display.

Next cut up fruit!! : 

Next cut up fruit!! Using a cookie cutter you can cut up the fruit, such as melons and pineapples. Leaving strawberries' whole is generally better cause they are small. Choosing a bowl or vase, that best fits your head of lettuce, than cover the lettuce with tissue paper. Than you pierce the assortment of cut up fruits on sticks, constructing your bouquet, remember be creative.

Arrange bouquet. : 

Arrange bouquet. Prepare the arrangement by poking the base end of a stick into the head of lettuce The tricky part is to achieve the "floral bouquet" look. Try to imagine the fruits going up in a bouquet shape. with a pointed middle piece and with the bulk of the fruits layering out to the sides. follow your creative instincts first.

Be creative, : 

Be creative, Assess your fruit arrangement for its overall look, balance and symmetry. Practice makes perfect !

Fruit Bouquet Enjoy !! : 

Fruit Bouquet Enjoy !!

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