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Virtual Keyboard : 

Virtual Keyboard Prepared by: Joe Smith & Lucy Main

What is a Virtual Keyboard? : 

What is a Virtual Keyboard? A Virtual Keyboard is a projection keyboard that is projected and touched on any surface.

What can you do with a Virtual Keyboard? : 

What can you do with a Virtual Keyboard? The ground breaking Virtual Keyboard, uses state of the art infrared & laser technology to project a full-size keyboard onto any flat surface.For the first time mobile device users can actually type normally on a virtual keyboard , enabling them to work quickly and effectively, taking the pain and frustration out of existing minuscule keyboards and handwriting recognition software.

How does the Virtual Keyboard Work? : 

How does the Virtual Keyboard Work? The keyboard watches finger movements and translates them into keystrokes in the device. A system called the P-ISM will combine the virtual technology with a small video projector to create a portable computer about the size of a fountain pen.

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Technology How does it work?

Technical Terms : 

Technical Terms Projection Module – A template is created of the desired interface and is projected onto the adjacent interface surface. This template is produced by illuminating a specially designed highly efficient holographic optical element with a red diode laser. Micro-illumination Module – An infa-red plane of light is generated just above, and parallel to the interface surface. This light is invisible to the user and hovers a few millimeters above the surface. Sensor Module – Reflected light from user interactions with the interface surface is passed through an infa-red filter and imaged onto a CMOS image sensor in the sensor module.

Reasons to use the Virtual Keyboard. : 

Reasons to use the Virtual Keyboard. It takes up less desk space than a conventional keyboard. When connected to your handheld computer it is more convenient to carry around than your laptop. You could use it with your desktop, laptop or handheld computer.

Uses of Virtual Keyboards : 

Uses of Virtual Keyboards By Professionals By Students To take notes during a business meeting To compose a memo to employees while traveling to work on the train To do everyday work at your desk without taking up so much valuable space. To take notes while in class (no one will hear your keying) To work on a paper while in the library To do homework while you are on break at work

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