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BLUE EYE Prepared by: P. Monalisha S/06/

Blue eye technology : 

Blue eye technology ( blue eyes – Human operator monitoring system ) BY

Agenda : 

Agenda Motivation What is BlueEye technology ? What is BlueEyes ? System designing System overview DAU CSU Data security IBM research Conclusion

Motivation : 

Motivation Human error - a frequent reason of catastrophes and ecological disasters Lack of complex solution exploiting wireless link technology, database systems and AI algorithms weariness oversight Monitoring of consciousbrain involvement Capable sensors available

What is blue eye technology ? : 

What is blue eye technology ? The BLUE EYES technology aims at creating computational machines that have perceptual and sensory ability like those of human beings.

How can we make computers “see” and “feel” ? : 

How can we make computers “see” and “feel” ? Blue eyes uses sensing technology to identify a user’s actions and to extract key information. Information is then analyzed to determine the user’s physical ,emotional ,or informational state.

What is BlueEyes ? : 

What is BlueEyes ? The complex solution for human-operator monitoring: Visual attention monitoring Physiological condition Operator’s position detection Wireless data acquisition using bluetooth Real time user defined alarm triggering Recorded data playback

What is BlueEyes not? : 

Doesn’t predict nor interfere with operator’s thoughts Cannot force directly the operator to work What is BlueEyes not?

IBM research : 

IBM research BLUE EYE – EMOTIONAL MOUSE sensors in the mouse ,sense the physiological attributes which are correlated to emotions using correlation model -by simply touching the mouse ,the computer will be able to determine a person’s emotional state. BLUE EYE enabled TELEVISION – could become active when the user makes an eye contact.

Physiological foundations : 

Physiological foundations Preconscious brain manages the knowledge logical reasoning makes decisions alogical „automatic” Conscious brain Human brain

Conscious brain - operation modes : 

Conscious brain - operation modes Exploratory mode Planning mode

The eye movement sensor : 

The eye movement sensor Off-shelf eye movement sensor – Jazz multisensor Supplies raw digital data regarding Eye position Level of blood oxygenation Acceleration along horizontal and vertical axes Ambient light intensity

Eye movements : 

Eye movements Saccade - a rapid eye jump to a new location assigned by the conscious attention process. Saccades presence  Exploratory mode Central vision andthe conscious brain

Jazz multisensor : 

Jazz multisensor

Jazz : 


Design objectives : 

A reliable real-time buffering, processing and recording A clear visualization interface Mechanisms for creating custom data analyzers To ensure a possibility of distributing the processing among a number of computers Design objectives A mobile data acquisition device

Implementation and engineering considerations : 

Implementation and engineering considerations -THREE groups of users OPERATOR -a person whose physiological parameters are supervised - authorization in the system - receiving alerts SUPERVISOR – a person responsible for analyzing operator’s condition and performance. SYSTEM ADMINISTRATORS- maintains the system deliver tools for adding - new operator’s to the database - defining alarm conditions - configuring logging tools - creating new analyzer modules

Designing : 

Designing A personal area network for linking all the operators and the supervising system Two major units DAU (data acquisition unit ) CSU (central system unit )

System overview : 

System overview Atmel 89C52 microcontroller Jazz Multisensor Connection Manager Data Analysis Visualization Module

DAU : 

DAU The DAU consists of the following components ATMEL 8952 microcontroller BLUE TOOTH MODULE – supports synchronous voice data transmission PCM CODEC –used to transmit operator’s voice and central system sound feedback UART –communication between bluetooth module and microcontroller (115200 bps) MAX232 –level shifter ALPHAUNUMERIC LCD display LED indicators ID CARD interface

DAU - features : 

DAU - features Lightweight Runs on batteries - low power consumption Easy to use - does not disturb the operator working ID cards for operator authorization Voice transmission using hardware PCM codec Atmel 89C52 microcontroller Jazz Multisensor Bluetooth is

DAU - components : 

ID card DAU - components MC 145483 PCM codec ID card interface Simple keyboard Jazz Multisensor Beeper LCD display LED indicators Atmel 89C52 microcontroller UART MAX232 UART

Microcontroller & blue tooth module : 

Microcontroller & blue tooth module

EEPROMS & the PCB : 


Implementation - DAU : 

Implementation - DAU Bluetooth module inside Jazz sensorinterface Microphone andearphone sockets 5-key keyboard Two lines, 8characters LCD Powered from6 AA batteries n

Implementation - DAU : 

Implementation - DAU

CSU - features : 

CSU - features Connection Manager Data Analysis Visualization Module Bluetooth Connection management Data processing Visualization Data recording Accessverification System maintenance Connection Manager

CSU – components : 

CSU – components CONNECTION MANAGER – main task to perform low-level blue tooth communication DATA ANALYSIS MODULE – performs the analysis of the raw sensor data in order to obtain information about operator’s physiological condition DATA LOGGER MODULE – provides support for storing the monitored data. VISULAIZATION MODULE – provides user interface for the supervisors

CSU - Visualization Module : 

CSU - Visualization Module Raw and processed data visualization using:

CSU - saccade detector : 

CSU - saccade detector Saccade detector and conscious brain involvement level calculation Raw eye movement data

CSU - Connection Manager : 

Initializes Bluetooth modules Inquires for new devices in range Establishes connections Supports operator roaming Feeds Operator Manager with physiological data CSU - Connection Manager Bluetooth Connection Manager Operator Data Manager Alerts Separated data streams ... ... Operator Manager Alert buffer Raw Data Buffer Data demultiplexer Data producer queues

CSU - Data Analysis : 

CSU - Data Analysis Custom data analyzers - decision tree based classifiers Automatic decision tree coefficients generation - C4.5 based algorithm ... ...

CSU - Data Analysis : 

CSU - Data Analysis Custom data analyzers - decision tree based classifiers Example: Operator gesture recognition (simplified) No answer “NO” “YES”

CSU - intermodule communication : 

CSU - intermodule communication Uses buffered thread-safe queues and producer-consumer scheme Data producer Data queue Data consumer Data consumer creates Data consumer Data consumer

CSU - intermodule communication : 

CSU - intermodule communication Data Analysis Visualization Module Data Logger Separated physiological data streams Processed data Alerts Recorded (off-line) data Data Analysis Visualization Module

Implementation - CSU : 

Implementation - CSU Custom-builtBluetoothcommunicationroutines Intel USB camera ID card programmer Developed using Visual C++ 6.0 Deployment environment:Windows 2000,MS SQL Server

Future improvements : 

Future improvements DAU small CMOS camera to monitor the operator’s point of gaze single PCB (SMD technology) low voltage ICs - LiIO batteries power CSU data mining algorithms advanced database encryption using e.g. AES algorithm

Data security : 

Data security Only registered mobile devicescan connect to the system Bluetooth connection authentication Bluetooth connection encryption Access rights restrictions Personal and physiological data encryption

Applications of BlueEyes : 

Applications of BlueEyes Generic control rooms (System can be applied in every working environment requiring permanent operator’s attention) Power station Captain bridge Flight control centers Operating theatres – anesthesiologists Common application A simpler system version for drivers

Blue Eyes - benefits : 

Blue Eyes - benefits Prevention from dangerous incidents The reconstructionof the course ofoperator’s work

References : 


Conclusion : 

Conclusion In the near future ,ordinary household devices- such as television , refrigerators ,ovens may be able to do their jobs when we look at them and speak to them. Future applications of blue eye technology is limitless

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