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Introduction to MICROCONTROLLERS : 

Introduction to MICROCONTROLLERS Dr. Y .Narasimha Murthy Ph.D Sri Saibaba National College (Autonomous) ANANTAPUR-515001(A.P) yayavaram@yahoo.com

Overview : 

Overview Introduction Block Diagram and Pin Description of the 8051 Registers Memory mapping in 8051 Stack in the 8051 I/O Port Programming Timer Interrupt

Microprocessors : 

Microprocessors General-purpose microprocessor CPU for Computers No RAM, ROM, I/O on CPU chip itself Example:Intel’s x86, Motorola’s 680x0 CPU General-Purpose Micro-processor RAM ROM I/O Port Timer Serial COM Port Data Bus Address Bus

Microcontrollers : 

Microcontrollers A smaller computer On-chip RAM, ROM, I/O ports... Example:Motorola’s 6811, Intel’s 8051, Zilog’s Z8 and PIC 16X RAM ROM I/O Port Timer Serial COM Port CPU A single chip Microcontroller

Many ICs in to One IC !!! : 

Many ICs in to One IC !!!

Slide 6: 

Microprocessor CPU is stand-alone, RAM, ROM, I/O, timer are separate designer can decide on the amount of ROM, RAM and I/O ports. expansive versatility general-purpose Microcontroller CPU, RAM, ROM, I/O and timer are all on a single chip Fixed amount of on-chip ROM, RAM, I/O ports for applications in which cost, power and space are critical Dedicated -purpose Microprocessor vs. Microcontroller



Who are ??? : 

Who are ??? Atmel ARM Intel 8-bit 8XC42 MCS48 MCS51 8xC251 16-bit MCS96 MXS296 National Semiconductor COP8 Microchip 12-bit instruction PIC 14-bit instruction PIC PIC16F84 16-bit instruction PIC NEC Motorola 8-bit 68HC05 68HC08 68HC11 16-bit 68HC12 68HC16 32-bit 683xx Texas Instruments TMS370 MSP430 Zilog Z8 Z86E02

MCS-51 “Family” of Microcontollers : 

MCS-51 “Family” of Microcontollers Feature 8031 8051 8052 8751 ROM NO 4kB 8kB 4kB UV Eprom RAM 128 Bytes 128 256 128 TIMERS 2 2 3 2 I/O PINS 32 32 32 32 SERIAL PORTS 1 1 1 1 INTERRUPT 6 6 8 6 SOURCES

Slide 10: 

In 1983 INTEL Introduced 16-bit microcontroller namely 8096 Later INTEL introduced 80c196 series of 16-bit microcontrollers for mainly industrial applications 32-bit microcontrollers have been developed by IBM and Motorola-MPC 505 is a 32-bit RISC controller of Motorola The 403 GA is a 32 -bit RISC embedded controller of IBM

Slide 11: 

Block Diagram of Microcontroller-8051 CPU On-chip RAM On-chip ROM for program code 4 I/O Ports Timer 0 Serial Port OSC Interrupt Control External interrupts Timer 1 Timer/Counter Bus Control TxD RxD P0 P1 P2 P3 Address/Data Counter Inputs

Block Diagram-8051 : 

Block Diagram-8051

Slide 13: 

Pin Description of the 8051

Slide 14: 


Slide 15: 

Memory mapping in 8051 ROM memory map in 8051 family 4k DS5000-32 8k 32k from Atmel Corporation from Dallas Semiconductor

Slide 16: 

RAM memory space allocation in the 8051

Slide 17: 

TMOD Register: Gate : When set, timer only runs while INT(0,1) is high. C/T : Counter/Timer select bit. M1 : Mode bit 1. M0 : Mode bit 0.

TCON Register: TF1: Timer 1 overflow flag. TR1: Timer 1 run control bit. TF0: Timer 0 overflag. TR0: Timer 0 run control bit. IE1: External interrupt 1 edge flag. IT1: External interrupt 1 type flag. IE0: External interrupt 0 edge flag. IT0: External interrupt 0 type flag.


Slide 20: 

Interrupt Enable Register : EA : Global enable/disable. --- : Undefined. ET2 :Enable Timer 2 interrupt. ES :Enable Serial port interrupt. ET1 :Enable Timer 1 interrupt. EX1 :Enable External 1 interrupt. ET0 : Enable Timer 0 interrupt. EX0 : Enable External 0 interrupt.

Books that have helped me to understand the embedded systems : : 

Books that have helped me to understand the embedded systems : Barr, Michael, Programming embedded sytems in C and C++ - OReilly Publ. Raj Kamal, Embedded systems, TMG Valvano, Introduction to Embedded microcomputer systems, Thomson Publ.

Slide 22: 

Mazidi and Mazidi, The 8051 microcontroller and embedded sytems - Pearson education. Peatman,J.B. Design with microcontrollers and microcomputers, McGraw Hill Sewart. J.W. The 8051 Microcontroller Hardware, Software and Interfacing – Prentice Hall 7) Ayala Kenneth, The 8051 Microntroller – Architecture, Programming and Applications – Delmar Publ. 8) Ajay Deshmukh, Microcontrollers – TATA McGraw Hill

Slide 23: 

9) Rajkamal, Microcontrollers - Architecture, Programming – Pearson Publ. 10) Myke Predko, Programming the 8051 Microcontroller – McGraw Hill 11) Michael J. Pont, Embedded C - Addison Wesely Publ. 12) Steve Heath, Embedded system design – Heinemann Publ. 13) Frank Vahid, Embedded systems – a unified hardware/software Introduction – John Wiley and sons Publ. 14) Barnett Cox & O’cull, “Embedded C Programming & the Microchip PIC”, Thomson Delmar Learning.

Slide 24: 

Website References http://www.eg3.com http://www.ARM.MCU.com http://www.mcjournal.com http://www.iar.com http://www.keil.com http://www.semiconductors.philips.com/microcontrollers http://www.embedded.com http://www.powersoftsystems.com

Epilogue : 

Epilogue The woods are lovely, dark and deep, But I have promises to keep, And miles to go before I sleep, And miles to go before I sleep. ---- Robert Frost GOOD LUCK!

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