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Web-Based Standards Roadmap : 

Web-Based Standards Roadmap Mary Brady Rick Rivello Lynne Rosenthal National Institute of Standards and Technology Information Technology Laboratory

In a Nutshell : 

In a Nutshell EC related standards efforts are growing Difficult to know which ones are right for your purposes Need unbiased information on relevant standards NIST is building a web-based standards roadmap that will help users make informed decisions

US - Emerging Trends Compared : 

US - Emerging Trends Compared USA = 2 x Rest of World

Reinventing Information : 

Reinventing Information Workflow / Process Management Order processing Credit approval Shipping Trading Services Contract Negotiation Bidding Auctioning Collaboration Data Process Integration Catalogue Aggregation / Syndication Product Data Management Payment Integration Order Entry Integration Searching and Info Filtering Catalogue Searching Product Comparison Category Identification Event Notification Customer, Supplier Notification Shipping Notification Credit Approvals Information Boundaries Personalized content Profile Driven Merchandizing One-to-One relationship Collaborative filtering Source: Enterprise E-Commerce, MK Press, 2000 XML eXtensible Markup Language

Taxonomy of Standards Efforts : 

Taxonomy of Standards Efforts Core Technologies – defines basic building blocks upon which other categories are built Frameworks – specify entire frameworks as EC solutions Functions – defines common business operations that can be useful to many vertical markets Verticals – defines specific vertical market concerns

Core Technologies : 

Core Technologies Specifications that define basic building blocks that are used by other categories XML and related technologies XML, XML Schemas, Namespaces, Xlink, Xptr, XSLT, Xpath Programmatic access to XML DOM, SAX Registries/Repositories XML Protocols SOAP, XMI, XML-RPC, WDDX, XDR, HTTP-NG Security Protocols S/MIME, SSL, PKI

Frameworks : 

Frameworks Overall message structures BizTalk Commerce XML Distributed Management Task Force ebXML Initiative eCo Framework Open Applications Group RosettaNet XML/EDI Guidelines European XML/EDI Pilot Project

Functions : 

Functions Personalized Information Description Language Digital Receipt Receipt XML/EDI Repositories Signed Document Markup Language XML Digital Signature Statement Simple Workflow Access Protocol XML/EDI WAP Wireless Markup Language Common Business Library Open Catalog Protocol Product Data Markup Language PurchaseOrder Quotation Information and Content Exchange (ICE) Protocol Electronic Commerce Modeling Language Directory Services Markup Language, P3P Syntax Specification XML Forms Architecture Extensible Forms Description Language Covers a range of common business operations, including EDI-like transaction sets / messages, message routing, message management, security, and privacy

Verticals : 

Verticals Bank Internet Payment System ECIX Component Information Dictionary Standard Digital Property Rights Language ECIX, PICS, ECIX QuickData Electronic Component Manufacturer Data Sheet Inventory FinXML Open Financial Exchange Open Travel Alliance Open Trading Protocol Product Definition Exchange ProductDataExchange PurchaseOrder RequestForQuote order confirmation purchase order ‘SmartCard’ Markup Language UML Exchange Format Human Resources Vocabularies that are developed to meet the needs of a particular industry

XML and HTML : 

Data in XML Layout in HTML StyleSheets XML and HTML

Implementation Details : 

Implementation Details Customer Forms-Based Request HTML Output NIST Web-Server Server-Side technologies Data defined in XML XSLT used to transform to HTML for display Predefined Reports Dynamic report generator based on user input Browsing, searching?

More Details… : 

More Details… <standard name=“XML” longname=“Extensible Markup Language” category=“CORE” URL=> <executive_desc>…</executive_desc><tech_desc>…</tech_desc><maturity_level>…</maturity_level> <products URL=url>…</products><test_suite URL=url>…</test_suite> displayChoices Pre-formatted Custom Reports IIS Server IE5, Communicator View View Roadmap Demo

Current Status : 

Current Status Simple user interface Server-side technologies XML description file (core, some frameworks) Reports 4 pre-formatted Custom report generator Next Steps?

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