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Infrastructure in Karnataka Infrastructure Development Department Govt. of Karnataka ___________________________________________________ 7/25/2010 1 Infrastructure Policy 2007

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General Area: 1,92,000 Sq Km Population: 52.85 Million Literacy: 66.60% Climate: Semi-tropical Economy Among the Top 5 Industrial States Highly Skilled technical Manpower One of the fastest Growing Markets Steady GDP growth rate Karnataka at a Glance 7/25/2010 3 Infrastructure Policy 2007

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Karnataka at a Glance

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Presently 4.5% of GSDP Target 8-9 % of GSDP India Competitive Index- 25 Huge deficit in Tax- GDP ratio 22 %(35 %) Investment requirements (@ 2006 prices): Rs 92462 cr( 11th plan) Rs 186275 Cr(12th) Rs 315657 Cr(13th) Required Annual Investment of upto Rs 25000 Crore Karnataka- Infrastructure investment 7/25/2010 5 Infrastructure Policy 2007

a few Infrastructure Indices : 

a few Infrastructure Indices 7/25/2010 6 Infrastructure Policy 2007

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Policy Drivers New Infrastructure Policy of 2007 New Industrial Policy of 2009 Institutions to Support PPP- as a vehicle Regular Procurement Swiss Challenge PPP Cell in Infrastructure Dept- Infrastructure Karnataka Udyoga Mitra- Industry Karnataka- Growth Drivers 7/25/2010 7 Infrastructure Policy 2007

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Port / Railways/ Industrial Zones ~150 km ~150 km

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Port / Railways/ Industrial Zones ~150 km ~150 km Nanded GADAG SSPN BIDADI ANEKAL WF KUSHAL NAGARA

Cost of New works including proposals of ‘09-‘10 : 

Cost of New works including proposals of ‘09-‘10 No of works Total Kms Total Cost in cr. Surveys Completed 6 978.80 6547.00 Surveys under progress 15 1643.44 11505.90 Surveys scheduled in 8 785.00 3925.00 2009-10 Total 28 3407.24 21977.90 GoK share Rs. 15000 cr (approx) spread over ten years or upto year 2020 presuming two thirds contribution in all projects

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BIJAPUR GULBARGA HASSAN BANGALORE Existing BELGAUM HUBLI BELLARY MANGALORE MYSORE Existing Proposed New International Airport Airports Existing old HALnternational Airport

Cargo Traffic Indian Ports 1950-2008 : 

Cargo Traffic Indian Ports 1950-2008 Source: India Infrastructure Research

Cargo in Major Ports in 2007-08 : 

Cargo in Major Ports in 2007-08 Source: India Infrastructure Research

Cargo in non-Major Ports in 2007-08 : 

Cargo in non-Major Ports in 2007-08 Source: India Infrastructure Research

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Airports in India Source: India Infrastructure Research

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Freight Traffic at Airports Source: India Infrastructure Research

Stimulating Public Private Partnerships : 

Stimulating Public Private Partnerships PPP Projects in Airport Sector In Airport sector six projects are undertaken on PPP mode with a project cost of Rs 20,041 crs. Details of Airport Projects on PPP mode

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Polytechnics Industrial Training Institutes Engineering Colleges 186 600 135 Enrolment 44,375 34,000 1,20,000 Enrolment Enrolment Govt. Tool Room & Trg. Centres and Nettur Technical Trg. Centres 15 575 Enrolment Skills & Technology Brought Together

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Indian Institute of Management National Law School of India University Universities 11 Allopathic Colleges 26 Dental 41 Ayurvedic 55 Homeopathy 10 Unani 4 Naturopathy & Yoga 3 General Colleges 712 Indian Institute of Science Indian Institute of Information Tech. IISc - Bangalore Institute of Bio Informatics & Applied Biotechnology Skills & Technology Brought Together

Important Current PPP projects : 

Important Current PPP projects Airport Projects- Hassan, Bellary, Bijapur, Shimoga, Gulbarga; 12 Air strips(IDD) High Speed Rail adLink to Airport at Bangalore(BARL)(6000cr) 10000km of Road Projects(KRDCL)(45000cr) Devanahally Business Park(KSIIDC)(9500cr) Sea Port at Tri, Haldipur(IDD) Devanahally Convention Centre(tourism) Logistics park (KSIIDC) Two Mono Rail Project in Bangalore( BARL) Food Parks (Food Karnataka Limited/ KSIIDC) Tourism Projects(Tourism dept/ KIPDC/KSIIDC) Industrial Infrastructure –VADA at Bellary 20

Distribution- Sector Wise : 

Distribution- Sector Wise 21 7/25/2010 21 Infrastructure Policy 2007

Infrastructure- Requirements : 

Enabling Policy and Regulatory Framework Long-term equity and debt Capacity to manage the PPP Process Shelf of credible, bankable Projects Private Sector capacity to invest in projects Acceptance among the stakeholders Infrastructure- Requirements 7/25/2010 22 Infrastructure Policy 2007

Sector Focus : 

Sector Focus Agri-Infrastructure Education Energy Healthcare Industrial Infrastructure Irrigation Public Markets Tourism Transportation & Logistics Urban and Municipal Infrastructure 7/25/2010 23 Infrastructure Policy 2007

Initiatives : 

Initiatives Standardised Contractual Documents Bidding Documents RFQ RFP Model Concession Agreements Ports Airports Roads Water Supply and Sanitation – PBMC & PBDPS contract developed (under ADB Assistance) Approval Mechanism SWA established SLHCC 7/25/2010 24 Infrastructure Policy 2007


SWISS CHALLENGE Clause 29 of the Infra ‘07 policy Innovative/ suo moto Proposals Procedure Proponent Submits proposal for Prelim examination Provide ‘approval to proceed’ with studies Submits a DPR with output based specification Project Bid out Original proponent has first right of refusal 7/25/2010 Infrastructure Policy 2007 25

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26 Procedure- Flow Chart…1 1. Project Proponent to submit an application for Swiss Challenge with filled in Checklist and Pre-feasibility Report 2. Admin Dept to Scrutinize If meets ‘Public Need’ If any ongoing process “innovative” or “suo- moto” 3. Dept to Scrutinize if not known public needs VGF sought is more than 20% of project cost excluding land products or services generally available Contravenes Law Provisions 4. Application to SWA through IDD for permission to Proceed 5. Admin Dept to obtain KTPP exemption 6. Admin Dept to issue letter to conduct studies in 4 months If not done, dept can go with the idea ahead without any claims 0M End of 1st Month 2M 2M A

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27 Procedure- Flow Chart…2 7. Project Proponent to submit DPR (all Govt Support in Money terms) Ability to meet technical and financial criteria cost of DPR Bid value in sealed cover 8. Clarification from the Proponent 6M 9. Admin Dept to Carry out with PPP cell Examine Docs Set output based Specs Additional Studies for benchmarking, if need be Negotiate DPR cost to lower of 3 values Prepare Transaction Docs Determine development costs FD Approval 10. Approval From SWA / SHLC for Tendering 11. NIT(Tender) and Receive Bids against procurement docs of (a) Single stage RFP/RFQ (b) MCA (c) Proj Info. Memo 8A. Admin Dept to concurrently prepare RFQ/RFP (Combined), CA, Proj Info. Memo. A B 7M 9M 12 Mon

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Procedure- Flow Chart…3 12. Original Proposal and Counter proposal to be evaluated and ranked 16. GoK / GoK agency to reimburse the proponent if the project is not taken up due to reasons not related to project proponent 14. Project Proponent refuses to match Superior bidder declared as Concessionaire 13. Original Proponent to match the superior proposal if any and be declared as concessionaire 15. GoK / GoK agency to reimburse the proponent B Letter of Intent, Concession Agreement 13M 14M 16M

Central Assistance- VGF : 

Central Assistance- VGF PPP project should be from- Roads, Sea ports, airports, inland waterways, Power, Urban transport, water supply & sewerage, solid waste and other physical infrastructure Infrastructure in SEZ Government Support VGF not to exceed 20% of the total project cost- Land cost Government or statutory entity can top up with another 20% Approval process laid down Viability Gap Funding (VGF) For 3 projects, VGF funding of Rs 120 Crore VGF of Rs 1040 Crore for High speed Rail Link 7/25/2010 29 Infrastructure Policy 2007

Incentives & Concessions : 

Incentives & Concessions A. Facilitation: Land to be acquired if required Clearances Provision of water & power B Asset based Support Provision of Govt land at Concessional rate if available Allowing Commercial development Develop critical linkage Infra 7/25/2010 Infrastructure Policy 2007 30

Incentives & Concessions : 

Incentives & Concessions C. Tax Concessions: Entry& Spl Entry Tax on Machinery, Equipments & Construction materials- Limited to 25 Lakhs & 3 years Stamp duty on land transfer in Zone I(100%0, II(50%) Conversion fine- same pattern as above D. Take or pay Guarantee E. VGF 7/25/2010 Infrastructure Policy 2007 31

Deliverables by Government : 

Deliverables by Government Clearances Land Acquisition Compensation payment Market value of land Replacement value of building Resettlement & Rehabilitation Dislocation allowance Allocation of proportional assets Share in the new project ? 7/25/2010 32 Infrastructure Policy 2007

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33 PPP Cell Sector gap Study Project Identification Project Development Transaction Management Project Implementation Monitoring Capacity Building- Projectisation iDeck, KIPDC,KESOL, Transaction Advisers Support Systems to Line Depts 7/25/2010 Infrastructure Policy 2007



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HSRL Alignment 7/25/2010 35 Infrastructure Policy 2007

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Monorail Corridors (CTTP) Corridor i 7/25/2010 36 Infrastructure Policy 2007

CTTP - Mono Rail : 

CTTP - Mono Rail 7/25/2010 Slide 37

10000 KM Core Roads : 

10000 KM Core Roads A corpus fund of Rs.500 Cr. provided to KRDCL 51 Packages tendered KRDCL – Nodal agency. KPWD, KRDCL, IDD will provide all necessary support for implementation of project. Status Bid Submission for 7 packages by 30 Sep ‘09 38 7/25/2010 38 Infrastructure Policy 2007

Devanahalli Business Park (DBP): 413.65 Acres : 

Slide 39 Devanahalli Business Park (DBP): 413.65 Acres Market Study & Business plan by Jones Lang LaSalle Meghraj (JLLM), Utility Master Plan by Mahindra Consulting Engineers (MACE) Suggested Land Use Plan approved by GoK on 14.05.2008 Retained for Govt. Agencies: 83.24 Acres Power Sub-Station & Social Forest: 21.34 Acres For Development on PPP basis: 309.07 Acres(Commercial Devpt: 217 Acres, Roads & Utilities: 92.07 Acres) Total 413.65 Acres KSIIDC shall lease 309 acres to private sector developer for 30 yrs with automatic renewal for another 30 yrs. Developer can sub-lease certain portion of 309 acres to other developers and shall develop roads & utilities for DBP as a whole 7/25/2010 39 Infrastructure Policy 2007

Selected Sectors- Aero : 

Selected Sectors- Aero PPP Projects - Airports 1 Major Airport operational (BIAL), 4 Minor airports under PPP mode 3 Awarded (Shimoga, Gulbarga, Hassan ) Bijapur: Concession to be signed Bellary: Bidding commenced Total Project Cost of 3300 Cr Non PPP Up-gradation of Airport- Hubli, Mangalore, Belgaum and Mysore. Bidar Airforce airport for civilian use Mysore to be commissioned in Sept 09 12 Airstrips proposed in the state 40 7/25/2010 Infrastructure Policy 2007

Food Parks : 

Food Parks Food Parks under implementation Malur, Hiriyur, Bagalkot, Jewargi and Chickmagalur New Food Parks Shimoga, Bangalore Rural, Tumkur, Davanagere, Belgaum, Bijapur Districts. 7/25/2010 41 Infrastructure Policy 2007

PPP Projects in Tourism : 

42 PPP Projects in Tourism PPP Projects - Tourism No of Projects – 16 Nos Value Rs 1621 Crs Theme park, Cultural centre, Entertainment Golf Course Aquamarine Park Tourist Train Facilities PPP Projects - Heritage Projects No of Projects – 39 Nos Identified Identification stage 7/25/2010 Infrastructure Policy 2007

Location details : 18 – hole Golf Course at Mangalore : 

Location details : 18 – hole Golf Course at Mangalore Proposed Golf Course (135 Acres) Gurupur River Arabian Sea N Mangalore City Govt. Land (20 Acres) 7/25/2010 43 Infrastructure Policy 2007

Tourism Circuit Development - Project Packages : 

Tourism Circuit Development - Project Packages 7/25/2010 Slide 44

Slide 45: 

Tourism Projects in Karnataka on PPP Format 7/25/2010 45 Infrastructure Policy 2007

Slide 46: 

CTTP for Bangalore Airport Link 7/25/2010 46 Infrastructure Policy 2007


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