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Culture By… Rincon, Brigette Garcia, Luis Amaya, Isbellys English V

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Luis García

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About me Hello!... My name is Luis García, I am a student mass comunication in URBE. I am Twenty one years old My favorite food is pizza, my favorite Singer is shakira, I from Coro city. I like music, I love to dance.

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Unit 1 The People in my life Brigette is my colleague Pedro is my supervisor Doris is my teacher There are diflerente kinds ot relationships, at urbe I have a lot of classmates, and others whe I can consider my frinds. At work, I have algotriends and colleagues. Conversatioens and contidence are different aamong friends. Colleagues and retatives.

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Unit 2 Mango`s juice is very sweet Urupagua is sour Empanadas are oily Venezuela is a coutry with several traditional plates, it depends on the region: Maracaibo is famous for “patacones” In coro is “ Chivo y arepa pelada”. A. Use the adjectives. Foods we like

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Reflection I have learnt a cot Throughtout this semester, I have so much information in my head I can take adventage when working. I`d really to improve my pronunciation in order to be understood.

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Brigette Rincón

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About me My name is: Brigette Rincon I am a student of social communication in URBE I love my career is the best. I live very close to the university in a nice location. My favorite food is chicken and natural juices my life is very common for any student does not do a lot of the most common measures go to the hairdresser to the dentist and go out with my friends.

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Unit 3 This is a woman who was very jealous, she had a son and a husband. One day a man in bad faith, womanizer and liar told the woman that her husband cheated on her with her mother, a woman full of jealousy burned the house with her husband and her son in, then went home for mother and gave him three stabs in the stomach and before dying the mother of the Sayona sentenced.

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Unit 4 Today families are very modern and young the only thing that mattered was being fashionable. Fashion is currently a black berry cell phone call that according to statistics Venezuela is the country where there are more buyers of this phone.

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Reflection Already completed level 5 of English I am very pleased and happy to have shared with some colleagues and with the same English teacher who gave me four very nice and a good teacher and I learned many things I love to share my activities in the blog.

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Isbellys Amaya

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About me MY NAME IS ISBELLYS AMAYA I am Twenty two years old, I usually the Weekends visit my parents, My favorite Singer is RICARDO ARJONA, In my free Time i read books I´like to visit Aruba Island next vacation with and i study mass comunication at Urbe, i from Cabimas city.

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Unit 5 Common Measures that Venezuelans do. The diferents activities that man does in the everyday, on personal errands, social, employment, as professionals, commercial, require and cause a variety of documents t hat provide evidence of their actions. The Venezuelan leader of a family has all those responsibilities, these steps to keep your home, such as receipts remove water, gas, electricity, toilet and all other benefits and TV, Internet … Then there are the personal errands such as shopping, going to the doctor, go to the hairdresser, grocery shopping, go to the bank. These are the most common inquiries that Venezuelans do.

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Unit 6 Now we talk about the registration process to enter the universes of Venezuela For admission of students to the basics Venezuelan universities that require that the student be a Bachelor's Degree, Bachelor Certified Letters, birth certificate, identity card, student photos, fill out registration form. Some colleges require an average according to their requirement. For private universities, students must remove a specified amount. In some universities choose to do diferents tests to see if the student is qualified to enter to the race requested either private or public. The student should register for the control studies department.

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Reflection I love to learn new languages. I think English is very important. this level five was very important and I learned new pronunciations that I will serve for the future.

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Créditos: Brigette Rincon (Lider) Isbellys Amaya (Redacción y logística) Luis García (Diseño y Montaje )

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