Causes of the Revolution

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Causes of the Revolution : 

Causes of the Revolution

Mercanitlism : 

Mercanitlism Economic theory that bases a nations wealth on the amount of gold and bullion in its treasury Raw materials were exported from colonies in order for the mother country to make a profit Each nation tried to have more goods coming in than going out. This was called a “favorable balance of trade.”

French and Indian War : 

French and Indian War A struggle between the British and the French. Colonists fought for the British, while the Native Americans fought for the French. The British won, receiving all lands east of the Mississippi River, except new Orleans. Colonists were not allowed to settle the land they helped win. Colonists were taxed to pay the war cost.

Acts of Parliament : 

Acts of Parliament Currency Act: prohibited American colonist from issuing their own currency Quartering Act: required the colonist to provide shelter and supplies to British troops Stamp Act: required stamps to be purchased and placed on newspapers, almanacs, pamphlets, legal documents, and playing cards Townshend Act: taxes on glass, lead, paint, paper, and tea Tea act: permitted the British East India Tea Comp. to sell tea at a lower price than colonial tea companies

Boston Tea Party : 

Boston Tea Party A protest against the Tea Act of 1773. The Tea Act let the British East India Tea Company bypass tea merchants and sell directly to colonist Colonist dressed as Indians and dumped British tea into Boston harbor

Boston Massacre : 

Boston Massacre March 5, 1770 Encounter between British troops and citizens of Boston Patriots antagonized British troops, who were quartered in Boston to discourage demonstrations against the Townshend Acts. British troops fired on the Patriots,killing 5 people

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