Unit 8

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Unit 8 Heritage Attractions : 

Unit 8 Heritage Attractions

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Potala Palace How to get there and get around People can get there by bus ,or bicycle. Opening Time Mon.—Sat. 9am—4pm.

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Admission Fee Entry cost:45 yuan/person. Tips Photography is not allowed unless people have special permission.

Qufu : 

Qufu Qufu is the birthplace of Confucius who was the greater thinker, educator and statements in Chinese history and the originator of Confucianism.

Qufu : 

Qufu Qufu enjoys great international prestige for the birthplace of China’s ancient culture and for abundant underground cultural relics and magnificent architectural complexes on the ground.

Qufu : 

Qufu Qufu is located the south part of Shandong province and is a joint place of mountainous area in middle part and a plain area in west part of Shandong.Many rivers and springs join in the southeast and will never dry up.

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