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TQM (Total Quality Management) : 

TQM (Total Quality Management) Presented By:- Shyamu Neupane

My Personal Information : 

My Personal Information Shyamu Neupane Roll no:- 21 B.Sc.CSIT( 3rd semester) Kathford Internation college of Engineering & Management Balkumari, Lalitpur Email:

Contents: : 

Contents: Introduction of TQM Tools of TQM Quality Circle The main objectives of QC Problem solving process in QC

1. Introduction of TQM : 

1. Introduction of TQM Concept was first developed by W. Adward Deming, Joshep Juran & A.V Feiganbaun. Comprehensive approach for improving product quality and get customer satisfaction. Management philosophy of improving product quality through everyone commitment & involvement to satisfied customer need.

Why TQM: : 

Why TQM: TQM is a management strategy i.e. design to bring awareness of quality in all organization process. Use in manufacturing, educating, government & service organization. It is so called because it consist of three quality Quality Return Quality of product & services Quality of life at work & outside work

Component of TQM: : 

Component of TQM: Strategic commitment to Total Quality management Continuous Quality management Customer focus Employee involvement for improving Quality Use of statistical tools for accurate measurement.

Tools of TQM : 

Tools of TQM

Tools of TQM: : 

Tools of TQM: Right First Time: Quality conscious at start Bench Marking: Measuring and comparing an organizational business process and practices against those of the best organization. Outsourcing: It is process of contracting out some function of an organization to out-side firms who can it cheaper and better. contd….

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ISO 9000(International organization for standardization ): Which sets out the criteria for world quality management system. It covers product testing, employee training, record keeping, suppliers relation, repair polices & procedures. Speed: TO survive and win. They can gain competitive advantage by being better, smarter, and faster than their competitors at doing valuable things for their customer. Statistical quality control: The technique follows sampling of activities in the process and sampling of final products. This process ensures maintaining standard of quality on the basis of accepting sampling procedure.

Quality Circle: : 

Quality Circle: Quality circle is a technique of team work & participative management. The concept of quality circle was first popularized by Japanese name K. Ishikawa in Japanese industries during 1970’s. S. P. Robins:- “Quality circle is work group of employees who meet regularly to discuss quality problems, investigate causes of the problems, recommends them to implement.”

Objectives of QC: : 

Objectives of QC: To enhanced quality of and productivity Promotes efficiency Encourage team work Increase employee moral & motivation Improve open communication & human relation by empowering the employees.

Problem solving process in QC: : 

Problem solving process in QC:

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