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I like your ppt very much...Please allow me to freely download it...this would be a great help for my class in biology...tnx

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Photosynthesis: Part I : 

Photosynthesis: Part I

Photosynthesis : 

Photosynthesis Uses the energy from the sun Converts to chemical energy Stored in sugars Anabolic process

Life on Earth is solar powered! : 

Life on Earth is solar powered!

Photosynthesis : 

Photosynthesis Takes place in chloroplasts

Photosynthesis : 

Photosynthesis 2. Light Independent Reactions AKA Calvin Cycle TWO STAGES: 1. Light Dependent Reactions AKA Light Rxns

Light Dependent Rxns : 

Light Dependent Rxns Occurs in the thylakoid membrane of the chloroplast Photophosphorylation Uses light energy to make ATP Electron transport

Light Dependent Rxns : 

Light Dependent Rxns Sunlight energy converted to ATP Water is split Coenzyme NADP+ is reduced to NADPH

Calvin Cycle : 

Calvin Cycle Carbon Fixation Incorporates CO2 from the atmosphere into organic compounds Uses the ATP and NADPH made in the light reactions to power carbon fixation.

Calvin Cycle : 

Calvin Cycle ATP donated to make glucose Water provides the Hydrogen for glucose Hydrogens carried to Calvin cycle by NADPH CO2 provides the carbon and oxygen to make glucose

Products of Photosynthesis : 

Products of Photosynthesis Sugar CO2 Water

Chlorophyll a and b : 

Chlorophyll a and b Absorbs photons from sunlight Absorbs light in the blue and red wavelengths Reflects Green

Slide 15: 

Action Spectrum = the rate of photosynthesis vs. wavelength

Engelmann’s Experiment : 

Engelmann’s Experiment 1883 Theodor Engelmann Filamentous algae exposed to spectrum Used aerobic bacteria to tell where the most O2 is being produced.

Other pigments… : 

Other pigments… Carotenoids Reflects orange/red light Phycobilins Reflects red/blue light Absorbs green & orange light

Slide 29: 

Show Light Reactions animation

Photosynthesis animations : 

Photosynthesis animations Nice animation of cyclic vs. noncyclic paths Helps separate out the various parts of the “three ring circus”

Photosynthesis animations : 

Photosynthesis animations (cartoon shows how electrons get excited and then replaced) (shows how cytochromes work – quick)

Slide 35: 

Watch Calvin Cycle animation

Slide 42: 

Green machine

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