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Web OS「ウェブオーエス」 : 

Web OS「ウェブオーエス」 マジード ムザマル #8734 松田 デレク #

Web OS とは? : 

Web OS とは? Webブラウザから利用できるオンラインデスクトップ環境 Webの技術を利用した分散コンピューティング環境 世界に広がるWeb環境そのものをOSと見做したコンピューティングパラダイム

Web OS… : 

Web OS… An operating system on the Internet. It’s your own virtual desktop – No physical location which means can have access it from anywhere with a browser. ※ Don’t confuse Web OS with remote PC – in the case of remote PC you just access your computer through a network.

history : 

history WebOS gained popularity in 1999, WebOS Inc. (at first known as Hyperoffice and later known as MyWebOS), was founded by Shervin Pishevar and Drew Morris. WebOS acquired WebOS.org, which was created by a young Swedish programmer, Fredrik Malmer, who had created the first online desktop environment. WebOS raised over $10 million WebOS was covered by many media outlets such as the Wall Street Journal, financial Times, LA Times, Power lunch on CNBC, Fox News and CNN and helped spread the WebOS meme further. WebOS launched Hyperoffice, a full office suite, back in 1999.

Slide 5: 

StartForce YouOS eyeOS eXo Platform Craythur Desktoptwo Glide goowy ORCA Fenestela Purefect SSOE Xindesk gooラボ ウェブデスクトップ Challenger Widget+ SameDesk Ironbox WinLike Xcerion Internet Psych Desktop ZKDesktop BeDesk cmyOS G.ho.st jooce myGoya OOS Webdesk Widgets Gadgets ZimDesk Nivio AstraNOS

Top Five Web OS : 

Top Five Web OS According to © 2009 Desizn Tech · Powered by WordPress · Theme by Kawsar Ali

Top five Web OS : 

Top five Web OS Icloud: It offers up to 50GB of online storage, easy sharing, and an application development feature. Features: Online file system for storing all file types Productivity applications – Write, Calendar, Mail Photo organizer with sharing capability, media player – iPlay, movie player, and even radio 1 ICLOUD

Top five Web OS continue… : 

Top five Web OS continue… Glide OS 3.0 is an ad-free cloud computing solution, accessible from a computer and a mobile phone Features 10GB of virtual disk space Office tools – word processor, presentation creator, calculator, calendar Photo editor Website creator Glide webmail Synchronization and file sharing 2 Glide OS

Top five Web OS continue… : 

Top five Web OS continue… G.HO.ST (2006)stands for Global hosted operating system. The G.ho.st Virtual Computer includes almost everything you would have in a physical computer Features 15GB professionally hosted and backed-up disk space Sharing and collaboration Office suite –edit documents, spreadsheets and presentations using G.ho.st integrations with Zoho Mail & Web browser 3 G.HO.ST

Top five Web OS continue… : 

Top five Web OS continue… Jolicloud is a Web OS that was developed for netbooks, so it is very Net focused. It supports all connectivity hardware, like 3G modems, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth. Jolicloud is also great for social media users, because it makes accessing services like Facebook and Twitter really easy. It also has Skype, Google Reader, GMail, Meebo, VLC, and what not. 4 Jolicloud

Top five Web OS continue… : 

Top five Web OS continue… eyeOS is the Open Source Cloud Computing’s Web Desktop. This operating system can be used by individuals as well as organizations. You can either create an account on eyeOS server or download it and run it from your own server. It includes a Desktop environment with 67 applications and system utilities, including Word Processor, Address Book, PDF reader, and tons of applications developed by the community 5 eyeOS

Web Os 「特徴」 : 

Web Os 「特徴」

Web Os利用から見た : 

Web Os利用から見た メリット Windows、Linux、などWebブラウザとWebOSへのネットワーク接続環境だけで各種アプリケーションが利用可能になる。 アプリケーションの利用には、簡単な設定を行うだけでインストールの必要ない。 WebOS上のデータを全てサーバ側で管理しているため、データのバックアップ作業をサーバ側で集中的に実施できる。 デメリット 利用できるアプリケーションの質/量とも従来OS上のアプリケーションに比較し少ない。 ローカルに接続されたデバイス(例えば、プリンタやスキャナなどの周辺機器)の利用ができない。 WebOSへのネットワーク接続ができない環境では利用できない。

Web Os利用から見た : 

Web Os利用から見た Web上の様々なサービスをWebOS上で利用することができる。 Ajaxなど操作性に優れたWebアプリケーション開発が容易になる。 Windows、Linux、などWebブラウザとWebOSへのネットワーク接続環境だけで各種アプリケーションが利用可能になる。 アプリケーションの利用には、簡単な設定を行うだけでインストールの必要ない。 WebOS上のデータを全てサーバ側で管理しているため、データのバックアップ作業をサーバ側で集中的に実施できる。

Future of Web OS : 

Future of Web OS You're probably wondering why Yahoo bought Konfabulator An update on Google Browser, GooOS and Google Desktop A platform that everyone can stand on why Apple! why Microsoft! The next killer app: desktop Web servers Does the Mozilla Foundation have the vision to make Firefox the most important piece of software of this decade? Web 3.0 Finally, the end of Microsoft's operating system dominance GoogleOS? YahooOS? MozillaOS? WebOS? Source:By Jason Kottke  •  Aug 23, 2005 at 02:14 pm

Q & A : 

Q & A How they are making money out of Web OS? Is it useful for students?

References : 

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