Conflict Resolution for Couples

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Conflict Resolution : 

Conflict Resolution Abrielle Conway, M.A. Camden Morgante Anica C. Mulzac

What is Conflict Resolution? : 

What is Conflict Resolution?

Where are you now? : 

Where are you now? Your spouse/significant other makes plans for both of you without running it by you first You feel like you do everything around the house and your spouse ignores your requests for help Your spouse spent a large sum of money without telling you first You and your spouse disagree on how to raise your children

Solvable and perpetual problems : 

Solvable and perpetual problems Perpetual or unsolvable problems Come up repeatedly Began early in the relationship You discuss the problem, but make little or no progress Solvable problems Specific issues that are situational Do not surface repeatedly Have a good chance of being solved Focus on solvable topics for conflict resolution

Moving Toward Conflict Resolution : 

Moving Toward Conflict Resolution Conflict resolution requires 3 things: Increased understanding of your partner Increased closeness/a sense of teamwork Improved self-knowledge/understanding of your motivation

Tonight’s Lesson: Evaluating Common Interests & Basic Human Needs : 

Tonight’s Lesson: Evaluating Common Interests & Basic Human Needs Security Financial and Psychological Well-being Belonging Feeling a bond/emotional connection to each other or others Recognition The need for attention or to feel valued Control Freedom to make decisions

Brainstorming : 

Brainstorming After identifying underlying needs, begin brainstorming ideas for resolution Focus on where you would like to go, not where you’ve come from Consider all ideas without judging them Be as creative as possible while brainstorming Formulate ideas that will benefit both partners Work with your partner to narrow down ideas based on both of your preferences

Review : 

Review Communication is key Learn from how you typically handle disagreements Conflict resolution requires understanding each other, teamwork, and self-awareness Our basic human needs motivate us to take certain positions By identifying human needs and interests, couples can move forward in brainstorming solutions to their problems

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