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SAP 2003: Your Technology and Business Roadmap : 

SAP 2003: Your Technology and Business Roadmap Jim Shepherd Senior Vice President AMR Research

Agenda : 

Agenda SAP’s Business Strategy SAP’s Product Strategy SAP’s Technology Direction What Should You Worry About ? Maximizing The Value of Your SAP Investment

SAP Snapshot : 

SAP Snapshot $6.5B in FY01 Revenues Close to 70% from Maintenance and Services FY02 Goal: 5-10% Revenue Growth 18,000 Customers – 4,000 New Last Year 50,000 Installations – 120 Countries 21 Industry Solutions

SAP’s Business Strategy : 

SAP’s Business Strategy Account Control- “The Safe Choice” Customer Lifecycle Management - “SAP Delivers Value” Services, Maintenance, & Add-ons New Markets and Channels

SAP Business Strategy:Become Your “Trusted Partner” : 

SAP Business Strategy:Become Your “Trusted Partner” Infrastructure Consulting Infrastr. Software Technical Support Infrastructure Support Business Software Business Consulting System Support Out-sourcing System Integration Discover & Evaluate -> Implement -> Operate Hardware OS, DB, ... Strategic Consulting Application Layer Middleware Layer IT Layer Source: SAP AG

SAP Business Strategy:“Extended Range of Services” : 

SAP Business Strategy:“Extended Range of Services” New Maintenance Offerings Architecture Planning Custom Development Consulting System Integration Operations Planning & Optimization Hosting

SAP Business Strategy:New Markets and Channels : 

SAP Business Strategy:New Markets and Channels Source: SAP AG SAP Direct Sales Vertical Resellers Business One Centers Sales/Service Partners

Product Strategy: A Box of SAP to Go : 

Product Strategy: A Box of SAP to Go Source: SAP AG

Current Application Strategy : 

Current Application Strategy The Ever Expanding Scalability : Business One and All-in-One The xApps (Cross-Applications) Framework SAP Portals R/3 Enterprise

The Ever Expanding : 

The Ever Expanding Source: SAP AG

SAP Product Strategy: Scalability : 

SAP Product Strategy: Scalability Headquarters Factory Distributor SAP R/3 Enterprise SAP Business One Sales Subsidiary SAP All-in-One Exchange Infrastructure Source: SAP AG

The xApps Framework : 

The xApps Framework Based Inside AG, Way to Bring Innovation Outside of Regular Product Cycles New “Cross Apps” Framework Layered on Top of R/3 and Goal: Supports SAP and 3rd Party Apps Needed: Serve as “Fast” Bridge Between SAP Apps 1st xApps Due 4Q02 (Resource & Program Management) SAP Has Identified 200+ Business Processes

SAP Product Strategy: xApps : 

SAP Product Strategy: xApps Source: SAP AG

SAP Portals : 

SAP Portals Web Application Server and DynPro Shared Services: Security, Management, Globalization Source: SAP AG

R/3 Enterprise : 

R/3 Enterprise

R/3 Enterprise Rollout : 

R/3 Enterprise Rollout New “Ramp-up” Release Process 70 Customers Upgrading as of September 200 Expected by Year End Early Reports From Customers Are Positive Internal Customer Release Restricted Shipments Unrestricted Shipments 7/02 12/02

Key SAP Technology Components : 

Key SAP Technology Components Source: SAP AG

Exchange Infrastructure : 

Exchange Infrastructure Multiple Integrations Paths: SAP RFC and IDoc, Files, and Standards (XML, SOAP) Integration Repository and Directory for Capturing Integration Rules During Design and Configuration IDoc RFC File XML The Enterprise Supplier 1 Supplier 2 Oracle ERP mySAPPLM LegacyERP SAPR/3 XML E-Procurement Exchange .Net Web Service Supplier 3

SAP Web Application Server : 

SAP Web Application Server Integrate ABAP and J2EE Worlds Foundation for All SAP Products Today CRM 3.1 and R/3 Enterprise Development Tools Moved to Eclipse Framework SAP-Centric Solution -- Today Has Potential to Replace 3rd Party App Servers in SAP Accounts

Web DynPro : 

Web DynPro Multi-Language and Multi-Device Support for User Interfaces Integrated Development Environment for Presentation Logic Model and Develop Presentation Logic Design and Compose User Interfaces Runtime Services Runtime InfrastructureSupport for Java and ABAP (JSP and BSP) Tag Libraries Device Independence Internationalization

What Should You Be Worrying About ? : 

What Should You Be Worrying About ? Instance Consolidation New Functionality PLM, APO, Portals, CRM, etc. Release Strategy & Expectations Extended Deployment Internally Externally

Maximizing Your Investment : 

Maximizing Your Investment Competency Center -- Business Process Improvement Not Help Desk! Continuous Training & Education Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) Network Theory -- A system becomes more valuable as it touches more users Any ERP System Needs Better Public Relations

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