Windows Vista

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Windows Vista

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Windows Vista Different Versions

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Windows Vista Gadgets Graphics

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Windows Vista Aero Feature

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Office 2007

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Microsoft Office 2007 Editions New File Format New Interface

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Windows Vista A replacement for Windows XP A long time coming (will be 5 years in October) Lacking in many of the promised features Not going to be available on a PC you buy in 2006 Not a replacement for Server 2003 Windows Longhorn Server predicted for 2007 or 2008 Very graphically intense GUI Has confusing hardware requirements

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New Features User Account Control Changes All users run in the context of a standard user Standard users can do more Registry and file system Virtualization Bidirectional firewall Bit Locker What is it? Who should use it? Recovery/Forensics Secure Decommissioning User Interface Changes

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User Account Control Many options are configured via Local Security MMC Elevation prompt for admins – consent/credentials/no prompt Elevation prompt for standard users – credentials/no prompt Installer detection on/off Admin approval mode on/off Only allow signed/trusted admin apps on/off File/registry virtualization on/off

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Standard Users Can Do More View system clock and calendar Change time zone Configure secure wireless (WEP/WPA) connection Change power management settings Create and configure a Virtual Private Network connection Add printers and other devices that have the required drivers installed or allowed by group policy Disk defragmentation is a scheduled background process Shield icons mark what actions require administrative users

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Presented by:- Ravi Prashanth Swetha

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