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Intermolecular Attractions : 

Intermolecular Attractions Explain why water wets a clean glass surface but forms a bead on glass coated with grease. Consider the forces of attraction between two water molecules and those between water and surface molecules.

Evaporation of Liquid : 

Evaporation of Liquid How can be cooling of a liquid upon evaporation be explained using this figure?

Evaporation of Liquid : 

Evaporation of Liquid Use this figure to explain how the rate of evaporation of a liquid changes as the temperature is increased.

Evaporation of Liquid : 

Evaporation of Liquid Click picture to view animation 1. How are liquid water and water vapor represented in the animation? 2. Why will a water sample totally evaporate if only higher energy molecules have sufficient energy to overcome the attractive forces in liquid water?

Sublimation : 

Sublimation Sublimation of Naphthalene C10H8(s)  C10H8(g) Upon heating naphthalene solid converts directly to naphthalene gas. The gaseous naphthalene exiting the warmed beaker containing solid naphthalene condenses on the bottom of the flask containing ice and water.

Measurement of Vapor Pressure : 

Measurement of Vapor Pressure Explain how the vapor pressure of a liquid is determined using this apparatus.

Vapor Pressure and Boiling Point : 

Vapor Pressure and Boiling Point 1. Which liquid has the strongest intermolecular forces? 2. What is the boiling point of each when P = 600 torr?

Vapor Pressure : 

Vapor Pressure Liquid vapor equilibrium reached in left figure. Piston raised in center and equilibrium reestablished at right. How are the partial pressures of water vapor related in the three figures? Explain using the concept of rates of evaporation and condensation.

Vapor Pressure : 

Vapor Pressure Click picture to view animation 1. How does this animation illustrate the equilibrium between liquid water and water vapor? 2. How would the animation change if the temperature was increased?

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