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Definition of Schema : 

Definition of Schema is a complete description of the content and structure of the fields, records, and data relationship for the database. Example

Kinds of Schema : 

Kinds of Schema Conceptual Schema Logical Schema Physical Schema Schema Objects

Conceptual Schema : 

Conceptual Schema Also known as conceptual data model, is a map of concepts and their relationship

Logical Schema : 

Logical Schema Is a data model of a specific problem domain expressed in terms of a particular data management technology.

Physical Schema : 

Physical Schema Is a term used in relation to data management

Schema Objects : 

Schema Objects Is a logical data storage structure.

Schema Objects : 

Schema Objects Table Views Sequences Synonyms Indexes Clusters Database links snapshots procedures functions packages

Table : 

Table Is a set of data elements (values) that is organized using a model of columns and rows. Example

Views : 

Views A view consists of a stored query accessible as a virtual table composed of the result set of a query

Sequence : 

Sequence Is an ordered list of objects or Event). Example

Synonyms : 

Synonyms Is nothing more than an alias or alternate name for a table, view, sequence or other Schema objects.

Indexes : 

Indexes Is a data structure that improves the speed of data retrieval operations on a database at the cost of slower writes and increased storage space.

Snapshots : 

Snapshots Refer to an actual copy of the state of a system. Example

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