Moms Birthday 2008

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“Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away .”

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Presenting… Sheryl Marks December 11th, 1958

Slide 4: 

Teri, Nan, and Sheri

Slide 6: 

Sheri’s Graduation Photo

Slide 8: 

Nat and Jody’s 25th Wedding Anniversary

Slide 9: 

Along came… Stephanie Lynn Taylor September 4th, 1983

Slide 10: 

And then there was two… Stacy Joanne Taylor February 7th, 1985

Slide 14: 

Sheri and Jerry’s Wedding February 20th , 1988

Slide 18: 

Jenna Marie Boorman January 19th, 1990 Another makes three!

Slide 19: 

Jenna’s Dedication Berean Bible Church 1990

Slide 20: 

Grandma Jody with Lexy and Jenna

Slide 21: 

Mommy and Jenna

Slide 22: 

Gordy, Sheri, Lexy, Nan, and Teri at Nan’s 30th Birthday Party

Slide 23: 

The three sisters… Teri, Sheri, and Nan

Slide 25: 

Stephanie 1st Grade

Slide 32: 

San Diego, California 1995

Slide 35: 

Princess House Convention

Slide 37: 

Black Lake

Slide 38: 

Finding any gray hairs?

Slide 39: 

Hawaii… Here We Come!!!

Slide 40: 

We’re living in… the wild, wild west!

Slide 43: 

Nan, Jody, and G.G. Christmas at Carol and Barry’s

Slide 44: 

Stephanie’s Graduation Photo 2002

Slide 45: 

Go, Knights, Go!

Slide 46: 

Stacy’s Graduation Photo 2003

Slide 47: 

Go Knights!

Slide 48: 

Cruise to Cozumel

Slide 50: 

Merry Christmas!

Slide 51: 

Chris, Stephanie and Grandpa

Slide 52: 

Go Eagles!

Slide 53: 

Stephanie’s 21st Birthday

Slide 54: 

We’re having a good time!

Slide 55: 

Sheri, Nan, Rich, and Jenna

Slide 56: 

Hey, there’s Gordy…He turned 40!!!

Slide 57: 

Vacation Time!

Slide 59: 

By golly she did it! She earned herself a new car!!!

Slide 60: 

Let’s burn the mortgage!

Slide 62: 

Chris and Stephanie Lancaster July 16th, 2005

Slide 65: 

Nat and Jody’s 50th Wedding Anniversary October 29th, 2005

Slide 66: 

Jenna, Stacy, Stephanie, Lexy Grandma, Grandpa and Gunnar

Slide 68: 

Aiden James Rose Born January 20th, 2006 Look at that proud grandma!

Slide 70: 

Five Generations Helen, Jody, Sheri, Stacy, and Aiden

Slide 71: 

Yee Haw!

Slide 73: 

Hey there Punky!

Slide 74: 

Mommy and Aiden

Slide 75: 

Ping… Pong…

Slide 77: 

Jenna’s Senior Photo 2008

Slide 78: 

Gordy, Ann, Gunnar and Garrett

Slide 80: 

Gunnar Nathan Marks

Slide 83: 

Grandpa and Aiden

Slide 84: 

Look at those beauties! Vroom… Vroom…

Slide 87: 

Lexy and Grandma Grandma, Jen, and Grandpa

Slide 90: 

Wishing you love, happiness and peace on your birthday!

Slide 91: 

Happy 50th Birthday Mom! With Love, Stephanie, Stacy, and Jenna

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